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Importance of Outdoor Activities for Your Children By Shirley Padilla

  in Education | Published 2018-04-06 10:35:57 | 2163 Reads | Unrated


Data driven from 2016-2017 show that nearly 1 in 5 school age children in the United States has obesity. Obesity is nothing but an excess fat.

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Albuquerque Preschools 

Data driven from 2016-2017 show that nearly 1 in 5 school age children in the United States has obesity. Obesity is nothing but an excess fat. Children with obesity are more prone to health effects including: - asthma, sleep apnea, type2 diabetes, and also the risk factors for heart disease. 

Worrying about your kid? No worries, playing outdoor activities can do a magic in their physical as well as mental health. 

/" target="_blank">Preschool in Albuquerque says, “Playing outdoor is the perfect place for your kids to explore themselves and gives them a freedom to shout, run, jump, hop and skip.” Playing outdoor activities can also increases flexibility, fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, and the list goes on. These are the reasons behind – why summer preschool programs in Albuquerque has included outdoor activities in their activity calendar? In this article, we are going to discuss few of the important advantages of outdoor activities for your children. 

When kids play outside, they will gain the sense of mastery and competency skills. They try few of tasks of climbing, running, and throwing balls by their own effort and they feel they can do it, which in turn builds their confidence level. And also, if they win the game, it helps in developing the winning spirit and boosts their self-esteem as well. 

While playing outdoor games, there would be more chance for your kid to play with other kids as a team. Via this, they will learn team cooperation, improve social interaction, and learn how to plan a win strategy. They will also learn to abide with kids of different character. This will help them to achieve the best in both their personal and professional life. 

Allowing your kids to play on ground will give them a sense of freedom. They will feel more enthusiastic and energetic to discover themselves. To improve social interaction and to deliver the best early education, it’s advisable to enroll your kid in the best Albuquerque preschools


Hope now you might have a clear vision on the importance of outdoor activities for your kid. In today’s tech savvy world, it might be a great challenge for the parents to take their children away from television, computers and video games. But you should make them understand the importance of outdoor activities and make outdoor games more fun according to your child’s interest. 

The author of this article is running a preschool in Albuquerque. In this article, he shares his ideas on the importance of outdoor activities for children. For more details, visit



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