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The guide to avoiding scams when selling your iPhone 5c By Chris Cui

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An iPhone is absolutely the most famous smartphone in the market right now, and people around the world are trying their means to get one, even though a refurbished iPhone 5c will be fine for a pot of people who have a low budget.

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Many people will forget their SD card or SIM inside their smartphone. Your SD card definitely possesses all the information you have kept at it, such as pictures, videos, documents and many other sorts of data. Your SIM card contains all your contact details, if someone gets hold of your SIM card, all your communication details can easily get compromised. It can be damaging for both you and the ones whose contact details would be leaked. You must factory reset your smartphone before selling it. If there will be some traces of your usage existing on your phone, they will be

removed by resetting the phone.

An iPhone is absolutely the most famous smartphone in the market right now, and people around the world are trying their means to get one, even though a refurbished iPhone 5c will be fine for a pot of people who have a low budget. And every year Apple will release the new model attracting a lot of people to upgrade their iPhone, so do you ever wonder what will happen to the old one and if would you do with your old iPhone? Leave it in the drawer unused or you can try to sell it like most people will do these days. Right now, it has become a trend to sell the used mobiles phones and then buy new one.

IPhone is the most popular smartphones of the moment it came out and every time a new model is released on the market, millions of consumers are rushing to sell their old phones in order to buy the new ones. It happened with the iPhone 4 when iPhone 5 was released in September 2012 and it also happened with 5 and 5S when the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released two years later. To that extent, the market for used iPhones has extended significantly and there are many channels through which one can sell used iPhone these days. However, since most of these channels are online, there is also an increased risk of scamming, which is why both sellers and buyers are advised to be very careful when choosing to make the transactions over the Internet. If you go online and type in your browser keywords like sell my iPhone, you will be generated a long list of platforms that operate within the field, either websites that allow you to post ads or phone recycling companies that offer to buy your phone.

People hardly keep an iPhone for a long period like a year or two. They change it on a regular basis. Data security is a big concern when you are using it. You should always keep your personal information safe. You should protect photos, documents and keep apps locked. There is potential threat to you even if you sell your old gadget. To neutralize the threat, here are something you should do. The day you decide to dump your old iPhone and buy a new one, you must back up your data on the cloud on that day. However, backing up your data is a healthy practice and you must do it in your routine. But, if you are not habitual of doing it, you at least do it when you decide to buy a new one. Your personal and precious files and offers will not be lost if you back them up on a cloud server. It is an essential and extremely positive step towards security. After you back up your data then wipe out your smartphone before selling it is absolutely necessary. Just deleting data saved on your iPhone or refurbished iPhone, will not help your cause, you need to wipe it out diligently using some sort of application lock. Deleted data can easily be recovered from portable drives as well as from smartphone. 

Actually, there are mainly two choices for you to sell your old iPhone which are selling to an individual buyer or selling to a recycling company. Each option has its ups and downs and the decision basically depends on your particular needs and wishes. Many people prefer selling to an individual buyer, thinking that they can get a better offer and, while that might often be the case, there are many buyers out there looking to scam you. This is why all e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay always advise never to send the parcel before you have confirmation of the payment from the third party website. In addition, by choosing to sell my iPhone to an individual buyer, in the hope to get more money, there is also the risk of waiting too long before finding a buyer. You would like to sell your old iPhone or refurbished IPhone as soon as possible, because the longer you wait, the more the phone’s value decreases.

Nonetheless, as a way to fund their most recent purchase quite frequently they will have to sell their present iPhone. Actually it is a really good idea to make more use out the old cellphone. First you make some crash out the selling and the money you made can make the upgrade to a new iPhone a little easier. The old phone you sold is also can be much useful in many ways. If it is functional, then it can be a refurbished iPhone 5c and resold to those who need an iPhone but have a limited budget.


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