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Different countries attitude towards gifts and gift By GelSlimDietPills GelSlimDietPills

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Different countries attitude towards gifts and gift

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First, Asian countries
1, Japan: The Japanese have a habit of giving gifts to the Japanese tend to take this approach: Jisong its order gifts I have no use items can be relayed to someone else, that person can also relay go on. The Japanese decorated with a pattern of foxes and badgers things very objectionable. The fox is a symbol of greed, cunning Badger represents. To the home of the Japanese guests, carrying daisy can only have 15 petals, chrysanthemum because the only royal badge before 16. In addition, the choice of a gift to buy 'brand-name' gift, that gift packaging
with gift itself is as important as the Japanese, so let knowledgeable people gift packaging.
2, South Korea: South Korean businessmen first-time visitors, often to send locally produced handicrafts, have to wait for the guests to first come up with a gift, then rebate them homemade gifts(custom bobblehead for boss).
3,Arab countries: in the first meeting gifts may be regarded as bribery; Do not give it to others to use old items; wine as a gift can not; To send the lingua franca of the things in the office. Pegged to an Arab master items see stop rude gestures, because he Arabs will think you like it, and will want you to accept this thing. Arab traders to others are generally presented expensive gifts, and also hope to receive the same valuable in return. Because Arabs think Friendship can not undignified, they are not allowed to own generosity disrespectful, will also harm the relationship between the two. They like a variety of gifts, like the 'name brand' goods, rather than like the humble antique; prefer intellectual and artistic gifts, do not like something pure practicality. The taboo potent sprinkle and gifts with animal prints (because these animals may represent unlucky). Give gifts to the wife of the Arabs is considered a violation of their privacy, given to children, however, are always welcome.

Second, the United States and Europe
European countries generally only in the relations between the two sides established before exchanging gifts. The gift-giving usually towards the end of the exchanges only way to be appropriately expressed at the same time. Luxury chocolates, a bottle of particularly good wine in Europe are also a good gift. Should be sent to visit the flowers (flowers to be sent, in order to master the flower arrangement is good), but also to send singular flowers, accompanied by a handwritten card, do not use business cards a day in advance.

1,UK: here should try to avoid feeling exposed. Therefore, should be sent to the lighter gift, inexpensive, will not be mistaken for a bribe. The appropriate timing of the gift should be given in the evening, and asked people to run out in the finest restaurant dinner or the theater, watching the drama. The British, like most other Europeans like premium chocolate, wine and flowers. Decorated with guests company labeled gift, most of them did not appreciate, unless the owner of this gift in advance careful consideration.
2, France: the first time to get to know a Frenchman gifts is not appropriate, you should wait until the next reunion. The gift should express praise for his wisdom, but do not look too close. The French are very romantic, like the custom hockey bobblehead of intellectual, artistic, picturesque piece, art albums, or small crafts. Invited to a French home meal, you should bring a few pieces without strapping flowers. Daisy could not be presented, in France just before the funeral on chrysanthemum.
3, Germany: 'Courtesy is crucial, therefore gifts appropriate to be careful to pay attention to the packaging to be perfect. Rose is ready for Valentine's, and must not be given to patrons. Germans like invited to picnic, but the owner must make a careful and meticulous arrangements before departure.
4, United States: Americans are very pragmatic, so a bottle of fine wine or liquor, an elegant brand-name gifts, spend the night together in the city, are suitable. With other European countries, the gifts should be the end of the exchanges to the Americans.

Third, the Latin American countries
Black and purple taboo color, two colors reminiscent of Lent. The sword should be excluded from the outside of the gift, because they imply that completion of friendship. The handkerchief also can not be used as gifts, with tears because it is linked. Can send some small household appliances, such as a small toasters. Taxed items high in Latin American countries, is extremely popular.



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