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10 Effective Marketing Strategies to Deal with Ad Blockers By charles smith

  in Internet | Published 2018-09-07 11:27:21 | 4331 Reads | Unrated


Onile advertising is the major source of income for the sites providing free content. But ad blockers are affecting ad revenue of such site owners. So here we are some effective marketing strategies that will help you in dealing with ad blockers.

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Ad blocker technology has been one of the most difficult to overcome of all the challenges marketers face in reaching their target audiences. Last year, The New York Times reported that, 11% of global internet users globally employed ad blocking software to avoid some of digital advertising. According to pagefair report, the figure represents a 30% annual increase.

Ad blocking users are breaking an unwritten entente with websites and dig

ital publishers who generate the bulk of their revenue that they deserve from these ads by using ad blocking software. Modern brands must now figure out how to advertise to users who simply don’t want to see hard-sell ads anymore. If you’re looking to effectively beat the ad blockers, follow these 10 strategies to get your ads across to consumers, and profit ad revenues that you deserve.

  • Anti Ad Blocker Technology

First, produce ads that aren’t intrusive and annoying. That’s the biggest obstacle in getting your message heard. Second, use technologies that block ad blockers, like Adzsafe, Uponit, or Instart Logic. They will ensure that visitor continue to see your high-quality digital advertising, and restore your formerly lost revenue. Adzsafe is the most effective ad blocking solution. It blocks ad blocker in no time.

  • Native advertising

Native advertising is one of the useful tactics to ensure your message is contemporary and relevant for your audience with more emphasis on blending your ads.

  • Behavior-based ads

Ads that appear based on user behavior are more effective than ads that appear whenever a page is loaded for users who don’t use ad blockers. Several solutions offer services that only display a pop-up ad when users indicate an exit from the site or after they’ve engaged with the site by making a purchase or filling out a form.

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencers have hundreds of thousands of loyal followers who know their personality, likes, dislikes, and behavior. They can help humanize your ads and relay your messaging for you. Influencer marketing allows your customers to be keener to click an ad that pops up and interrupts their content, or listen to what an influencer they already follow is endorsing.

  • Relevant and contextual needs-based marketing

Building a relationship with your customer is a key. Built trust with customers and demonstrate that you can indeed add value to the customer. This will help your opportunities to upsell or cross-sell increase. You must understand the needs of your customer before you try to sell them anything.

  • Content Marketing

Ad blockers exist because so many companies are providing content that people don’t want to see. Provide value outside of the hard sell, and you will see the increase in leads and customers. Blogs, articles, white papers, and other content marketing efforts may not cause immediate sales, but they attract people into the channel who are interested in your industry or topic.

  • Retargeting

Retargeting ads is one of the simplest ways to be more targeted because customers who have already visited your site are more likely to welcome the ad. You need to make sure you’re bringing customers value and not selling a product or service.

  • Targeted social ads

Using targeted ads is the most effective way. Because pop-ups often obstruct buyers by disturbing people’s shopping experience and creating security concerns. Facebook or Instagram marketing campaign doesn’t often ask you to buy anything. You must know who you’re targeting and meeting.

  • Value In Ad campaigns

Always provide valuable information right in your advertising campaigns or SEO content in order to hook your target audience’s attention. Try offering a free download or access to an exclusive video sharing a helpful guide, experience or insight instead of pushing prospects with branded banners delivering your message.

  • Inbound Marketing

Users are adapting ad blockers for a reason because they don’t like being interrupted as they consume digital content. Marketers must source meaningful and content consumers seek to enjoy as they block out annoying, irrelevant and intrusive ads. Get them interested in learning more and they will invite you to have a longer conversation.



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