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2010 Road Map for the Development of Textile Industry By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2010-04-27 08:15:14 | 227 Reads | Unrated


After long and difficult journey the international financial crisis, China's textile industry to produce a beautiful answer sheet According to the China Textile Industry Association vice president Hsu Kun yuan recently introduced in 2009 China's textile enterprises above designated size achieved tot al industrial output value of 3

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After long and difficult journey the international financial crisis, China's textile industry to produce a beautiful answer sheet. According to the China Textile Industry Association vice president Hsu Kun yuan recently introduced in 2009 China's textile enterprises above designated size achieved total industrial output value of 3.797989 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.3%; 1 11 last year, the month of textile enterprises above designated size achieved a total profit of 133.149 billion yuan, an increase of 25.39%.Looking into the new year, the textile industry exports are expected to "regulari
zed" and to achieve 4% growth in domestic sales of the industry the support role will be further highlight, the entire industry continue to adjust the structure to promote transformation and accelerate the development of innovation and promote development "road map" is also more made clear.

Adjustment of the financial crisis provided an opportunity for the textile industry.Early 2009 is the most difficult period for the textile industry of Jiangsu Textile Group chairman Xu Wei Dongdu civilian a "bitterly painful" to describe the situation at that time enterprise. The international market downturn and the sector as a whole less competitive and other factors have led to the textile industry, exports, of loss making issues such as expansion and increased polarization prominent textile industry has a number of performance indicators fell sharply.Statistics show that the trough in 2009 from January to February period, more than 50,000 households nationwide textile enterprises above designated size a negative growth of 14.78 percent exports, gross profit and a negative growth of 11.01%.

China Textile Industry Association, said Du Yuzhou, accounting for 2 3 of the business into a loss, exposure to long term accumulation of extensive development risks and problems, while the total number of 1 3 of the company as a contrarian and, on behalf of the whole industry structure adjustment and upgrade direction.Recalling the difficult journey in 2009, Du Chau, the view that the financial crisis but also for us a clear understanding of, and efforts to solve structural problems within the industry provides an opportunity, but also for China's textile industry to seize the high ground of the new offers a rare historical opportunity.

In the country "to maintain growth, expanding domestic demand, readjusting the structure," macro adjustment policies and the "textile industry restructuring and revitalization of planning", repeatedly raising the textile and garment export tax rebate rate of favorable policies, guidance and support of the textile industry efforts to improve the ability to open up domestic and foreign markets , to independent innovation, technological innovation, optimize the layout as the focus, promote structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and achieved remarkable results.

Structural adjustment and innovation and development is the direction of."We can under the influence of the financial crisis made the development of relatively large, the key structural adjustment was carried out at the same time increased the intensity of independent innovation." Xu Wei min said that last year the indicators Dongdu Group achieved double digit growth, profit and turned over to 3 digit revenue growth. "This year we will continue to step up structural adjustment and self innovation, relying on brand building and high value added products for greater development."

Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park is the country's largest warp knitting production and processing and sales base, from January to November last year, park in the realization of the case of profits and taxes 627 million yuan invested 870 million yuan for the technological transformation, the park management committee has also earmarked 10 million yuan as subsidies for technological upgrading of enterprises. Park Administrative Committee, director of Shen Shun years, said the park's transformation this year's capital investment will reach 1 billion yuan.Use of new technologies, new product development, is bound to lead to capacity and technology, backward elimination, environmental problems should be addressed. Zhejiang Friend Dyeing Co., Ltd. invested 18.08 million yuan through the technological transformation of energy saving environmental protection and achieve annual coal saving 11,000 tons to reduce the emission of 630,000 tons of sewage to reduce the COD emission of 60 tons, a total of 18.75 million yuan generate economic benefits, when the recovery of investment costs; Yixing Textile Co., Ltd. Yue Qi through technical transformation, one year to reduce emissions of 495,000 tons of sewage, the product grade is also greatly improved and become well known for the "star" printing and dyeing enterprise.

"The current fixed asset investment in the textile industry, a major strong point is the central undertaking the industrial transfer of the eastern region." China Textile Economy Research Center, Sun Huaibin said many industrial enterprises through the transfer of the eastern region, gained new comparative advantages, well spent crises. "continue to transfer of industries, and further optimize the industrial layout, it will be this year's textile industry is an important aspect of structural adjustment."

Uncertainties be well prepared response to
Since 2009, in the country "expand domestic demand" policy, supported by the textile industry to achieve stability and rapid development of domestic market, the textile industry association expects industry wide domestic market share will stabilize at around 80%; due to domestic and international economic environment will be significantly improved industry as a whole has continued to rise steadily conditions, this year's textile enterprises above designated size industrial output value and total profits are expected to achieve double digit growth."Because of a low base in 2009, this year, exports of the textile industry will end the financial crisis continued to deteriorate since the trend of gradually restore growth, but growth will decline significantly higher than pre crisis year is expected to export about 4% can be realized growth." Hsu Kun yuan said.

Because cotton, crude oil and other commodity prices continued high volatility, driven textile raw materials prices, while domestic labor, energy, power and other production elements upward price trend, this year the cost of textile enterprises will significantly increase the pressure and environmental factors on the industry wide pressure also will increase. while trade protectionism will also be the process of global economic recovery is difficult to avoid the problem, the RMB exchange rate under pressure, further increased the export of textile industry uncertainty.

In response to these uncertainties, Hsu Kun yuan that it should increase the development of industrial textiles and accelerate the pace of scientific and technological progress, and further do a good job saving emissions, eliminate backward production capacity, further development of innovative products that improve enterprise level and management level, the promotion of and support the central and western regions where conditions permit and textile enterprise development, promoting industrial shift.



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