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4 Ways Bangalore Outdoor Venues Stand Apart From Rest By Syed Atif

  in Marriage | Published 2018-05-21 04:41:15 | 323 Reads | Unrated


Bangalore is a city of gardens. It is one of the most beautiful places in India. This place is a perfect combination of modern amenities and serenity. It has become one of the favorite places of couples who are about to get married.

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Bangalore is a city of gardens. It is one of the most beautiful places in India. This place is a perfect combination of modern amenities and serenity. It has become one of the favorite places of couples who are about to get married. Weddings in Bangalore are done in such a grand yet budget-friendly ways that it is loved by the people. There are many wedding venues in Bangalore which are located both inside and outside the city. These places are full of modern amenities and fit well according to the budget of both the families.

Here are the 4 ways

how Bangalore outdoors are ideal:

Reception Halls & Restrooms In Outdoor Venues

Most of the outdoor venues in Bangalore have a proper reception hall that is well furnished and decorated. These reception halls are usually very big and can hold a minimum of 500- 600 people but there are exceptions too. You may find a reception hall that may accommodate a lesser number of people too. The marriage decorations of these halls are done with flowers and lights.

There are restrooms available with these venues for the bride and groom and also for their families to take rest and to get ready for the occasion. The restrooms are very important for outdoor weddings. So keeping these in mind, the venue authorities have built up restrooms for them.



One of the most important things of the wedding is the food. The food should be good and should make people happy. The venues serve delicious food that is loved by all. The catering services provided by these venues are mouthwatering.


Outdoor Garden Area

 Most people these days prefer an outdoor garden area for the weddings. The outdoor wedding decorations are done with lots of grandeur. Often the mandaps are also set up in the outdoor garden area. This looks wonderful and people enjoy these kinds of the wedding. These are a lot less suffocating and the families and friends enjoy themselves lot more. The Cocktail Party decorations are also arranged in the outdoor garden area so that people can get the essence of natural air and enjoy. The Garden Wedding Bangalore is appreciated by the couples a lot. These places are decorated with beautiful colorful tents and lights making the day special for them.



Lights Sounds And Parking Space

The lights and sound play an important role. The outdoor venues provide proper lights and sound in the weddings. The Wedding Stage Decoration is incomplete without proper lighting. So the venues needless to say provide appropriate lighting in the Mandap Decoration. A wedding is incomplete without the proper sound system. So the venues take proper care of the sound system too.

The parking area is another essential thing for an outdoor wedding. So the venues that are situated outdoor have proper parking space that can accommodate up to 60 cars.


Event Planner

A wedding is incomplete without proper wedding planner these days. The couples these days insist on hiring a wedding planner as they do not want to take any hassle on their big day. So the venues also have a tie-up with different wedding planners who can arrange a wonderful wedding.

According to Indian tradition, weddings are not only between two humans, it is usually said that the weddings are between two different families. So there should not be any sort of misunderstanding during this sacred ritual. So the outdoor venues are most preferred these days.



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