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6 Ways To Bring Peace In Life By Vasanth Vijay

  in Society | Published 2017-01-04 11:03:06 | 70 Reads | Unrated


The above article expresses the thoughts and views of Vasanth Vijay Maharaj a global peacemaker. His strong perceptions of how peace and harmony can bring overall changes in an individual and in world. This simple guide shows that the peace is within us, only we just need to blow away the dust of ch aos and hectic schedule from it.

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“Peace is not the destination. Peace is the Way.” Today a common man is in the grip of the atmosphere which is fast paced and chaotic. One can never attain the edge of peace in such environment. With the high-tech environment where the individual is more into his device and less into environment always suffers from less ‘me time’. Vasanth Vijay Maharaj an ambassador for peace says that ‘the more peace and harmony you are able to bring in life, the more productive and enlightened you will become i
n life.’


In this article we will discuss about the way through which each and every individual which will help us to bring peace back in our life even if you have a hectic working schedule and environment.


  • Get rid of the excitements

Excitements are co-related to the drama which we face in our day-to-day life. It is a normal human tendency that it falls and get involved in certain things which are normally not related to it or its situation. Keeping a distance from this excitement will save your productive time. If the thing is not of your concern then don’t get excited and simply think about it.

  • Increase your patience level

In this modern world we live in lot of hustle-bustle and a prime reason for an individual to lose his temperament for small things. This behavior in addition brings a slight or a complete change in the nature of individual and increase the anxiety level. Staying calm and cool can be the best option to survive in this busy world and believe it can be a success in your future.

  • Stay away from Negativity

‘A negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity.’ Every day brings a lot of new opportunities and this is what an individual needs. Try your best to not to get influence with negative mind around you it thieves your success.

  • Spread Positivity

A positive mind is a healthy mind. You get clear perception and vision for your goals; you can find the doors and come out from different obstacle. A positive mind is like a magnet which spreads positive energy in its surrounding and brings happiness within him and his family & friends.


  • Allow space

A small space to know yourself, your inner potential can help you to target and lead your goals accordingly. A confused and annoying mind can only break your inner peace. Enhance your mind and peace with short breaks from chaotic surroundings.


  • Use Mental Exercise

Each morning we are born again, so start it with short meditation that will help you to stay away and manage the chaotic surroundings in your work.  Such mental exercise helps you to stay fresh, active and positive all day long.

It is up to you how you chose chaos and anxiety to disturb your inner peace and harmony. By simply following the peacemaker guide each and every individual can be acquainted with the essence of peace and harmony which will bring lots of positivity, happiness and success globally. 


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