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Driving is a lot of fun, but opening and closing garage doors is not nearly so enjoyable In fact, it can be a downright hassle, wasting energy and more importantly, time

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Driving is a lot of fun, but opening and closing garage doors is not nearly so enjoyable. In fact, it can be a downright hassle, wasting energy and more importantly, time. Plus there is the fact that you need to step out or your car and into the sun or rain, just to open up or close the door. Well as they say, “Work smart, not hard”. Why not install an electric garage door in your home?

Of course, you can also add an electric garage door to your place of work, which will make things that much more convenient – and faster too. Modern electric door operators are becoming eve
r more compact yet powerful and silent, making noise less and less of a negative consideration.

With such a device you can just press a button, drive the car out, and press another button on your remote control, and let the machine take care of the rest. No longer do you need to get out of the car and do it yourself. It is convenient, and safer, since you will not have to expose yourself to certain dangers.

There are several types of garage doors, and each of them has their own set of electric operators. Whether you have an up-and-over, a canopy, a sectional, or even a rollup, there is an electric door operator available. In fact, even larger swing-out doors can be automated. Whatever the type of garage door you have, there is an electric door operator for you.

Retrofitting your old garage door with an electric door operator is perfectly fine, but why not think about buying a new door altogether? More contemporary garage doors are even stronger and lighter, and even employ some novel locking measures that increase the security of your home. Of course, you could skip steel, fibreglass, and PVC in favour of good wood – if that is what your sense of aesthetics tells you to want. There are lots of different sizes, so make sure to take the right measurements and choose carefully. You can also get additional remote controls, and even fingerprint readers so you can do away with keys.

Now you might be thinking what will happen if the power is out and you need the door to open up. Well, since many of these electric door operators run on low voltage, specialized portable batteries as well as emergency release mechanisms can help you get around any such troubles. It is not a perfect solution, but it works well enough.

One example is the Seip TM60, an electric garage door opener that attaches to up-and-over and sectional types of garage doors. The TM60 works silently and efficiently, requiring only a little regular maintenance to keep it running at peak performance. It has soft start and soft stop operation features, so the door will not jerk out of its resting positions, lowering strain on the various components of the system. It is also a very economical choice. Should you find yourself in the market for a garage door opener, consider the TM60.


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