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A yummy and less spicy curry from Malaysia By Kim Valerio

  in Food and Drinks | Published 2014-03-07 05:07:07 | 121 Reads | Unrated


There's a false impression among many non Asian that all curries are fiery hot, and requires glasses of cold water to subdue the burning sensation on your tongue.

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There's a false impression among many non Asian that all curries are fiery hot, and requires glasses of cold water to subdue the burning sensation on your tongue.

Most westerners who find the taste of oriental cuisine is too heavy for them, and as a result hesitant to try. Here is a superb Malaysian dish that's not so spicy and should be more suitable for those who are not prepared to try the hot and spicy Indian and Thai cuisine.This dish is called kapitan introduced by the localized Chinese immigrants in Malaysia.

The name is derived from a fun legend during the British col
ony time.According to the folklore, there was a Chinese cook who worked for a British captain was interested to learn more about Malay cooking. He knew that there was another Malay lady who can cook very well in the same ship. He requested the lady if she is able to share her recipe.The woman told him that it is a chicken curry dish and demonstrate him the way of cooking.

Melaka and Pinang are two major cities in Malaysia famous for Nyonya food particularly Kapitan chicken. The Chinese and Malay who stayed here have developed many western meals with a hint of Asian influence.Kapitan chicken still maintain the bursting myriad of flavors of the exotic Malay dishes but has been revised to tantalize the taste buds of the westerner.The chicken is juicy, soft and aromatic.It is done by first deep fried the chicken, and then cook with coconut milk.

Kapitan chicken can be considered as one of the many types of curries in Asia. Most curries are essentially a stew with chillies and a variety of spices.nonetheless, the curry from different places are cooked with different combination of herbs and spices.In the case Kapitan chicken, spices that the Chinese is more familiar with such as turmeric is included. The Thais prefers to use green chillies, a lot of lime and lemongrass.As for Thai curry, green chilli is among the key ingredients to prepare the renowned Thai green curry. Finally, you'll find yogurt and milk in some of the curry recipes from India.

Kapitan chicken is a refreshing option to the regular Western meals as it is cooked with a lot of asian spices and herbs.It is especially ideal for those who like curry but is worried about the fiercely hot sensation.Kapitan chicken is ideal to eat together with plain rice or flat bread. It has a thick gravy and is most suitable to serve with rice or breads.You can log on to if you would like to know more about Malaysian food especially Kapitan chicken in more detail.



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