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Music Minus One brings full orchestral accompaniment CD recordings with high quality Piano Music Books to pianists from beginner to virtuoso.

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Music Minus One [MMO] is a leader in the Accompaniment CD and sheet music industry and has been for many years. Their online store is the most complete library of Accompaniment Recordings for Piano Music Books on the internet and the amount of play-alongs and Accompaniment CDs adjoined to the sheet music catalogue is simply astonishing. For any musician, MMO is like an online goldmine; transcribed music for all instruments and all music genres, quality Accompaniment CDs to be used for practice, performance and recording purposes as we
ll as accessories such as instructional material and equipment.

Playing with multiple instruments has always been an integral part of music. The biggest jazz names have been said to learn all they know by playing along to their favorite artists – classical players perfect their tuning and pitch by playing with recorded orchestras and symphonies. For that very purpose, Music Minus One has developed an extraordinary inventory of Accompaniment CDs for beginners and virtuoso. The Accompaniment CDs are perfect for practicing – they will help any musician further their sense of rhythm and overall group performance while providing an enjoyable alternative to rigid metronome practice sessions. The recordings can also be used for performances: student recitals, restaurant music, artist showcases and any other occasion that does not allow for a big setup or group of musicians. The Accompaniment CDs available at MMO’s website are also a great recording tool. When combined with a recording device like the Superscope recorder, also available at Music Minus One, the Accompaniment CDs can allow musicians to record quality tracks for demos or commercial CDs, which is perfect for musicians who might not have the financial resources to hire a band and book studio time.

Also available at Music Minus One’s online store is a great variety of Piano Music Books for a wide range of musical styles. These Piano Music Books are not only great for pianists but can also be useful for vocalists and other instrumentalists in a more pop and Broadway-oriented context. For example, a saxophone player could purchase Piano Music Books to play songs with a pianist – since most books have an accompaniment part as well as a vocal line, the saxophonist can act as a vocalist in that context and play the melody while being supported by the piano part. Of course Music Minus One does also offer Piano Music Books targeted especially for pianists, with impressive classical works or great arrangements of pop songs.

Music Minus One truly is a great resource for any musician. Their complete online catalogue offers quality Accompaniment CDs, classical sheet music for mostly all instruments, Piano Music Books and even music for less traditional instruments; bluegrass books for mandolin and banjo, for example.

For more information on Music Minus One or to take a look at the incredible variety of their online store, please visit Musicminusone.

Music Minus One provides musicians around the world with top quality accompaniment recordings and sheet music for practice and personal home orchestras. To find out more, visit


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