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Adult Daycare Services in East Haddam and Middletown, CT By Jarold Pierce

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Traditional scientific methods are merged with alternative therapies such as massage, reiki, meditation, music healing, expressive art and aromatherapy.

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Looking for a warm place and a warm group of people to keep your elderly or disabled family-member contented, productive and happy? If you're anywhere near Alzheimers care East Haddam or Middletown in Connecticut, the answer lies just along Town Street. A professionally monitored home for your loved ones, who are into their sunset years or who have age-related conditions, operates under the name Chesthelm Health and Rehabilitation Center. The center provides a comprehensive range of housing, medical a

nd wellness services. Choose from arrangements including: short term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, rest home with nursing care, adult day care and Alzheimer care.


The way people care for the elderly and the disabled shows the level of their social sophistication and how far their culture has advanced. By fusing family-oriented values with the advances in medical care technology, many adult daycare centers in the U.S. have improved on the traditional in-house care. In particular, medical and home care providers like health center Middletown, Connecticut-based Chesthelm Health and Rehabilitation Center now offer a communal, holistic approach to caring for the elderly and disabled.


Let's take a look at some of these services.


Rehabilitation and Adult Daycare Center


Chesthelm Health and Rehabilitation Center is a top-of-the-line provider of rehabilitation and adult daycare services in Connecticut, serving Haddam, long term care Middletown and surrounding areas. The center is located just near the scenic Connecticut River where bald eagles and golden eagles can be viewed soaring over the waves,gracefully hunting for slippery, river fish. Other places of interest that provides pleasure, entertainment and fulfillment to Chesthelm clients include the East Haddam Free Public Library, the East Haddam Historical Museum, the Gillette Castle State Park, and the Goodspeed Opera House.


While the recreational facilities outside the center abound, the necessities and comforts that are available in-house have been accorded a five-star ranking by several reviewers and accreditation providers. Chesthelm was voted by US News as one of the best nursing homes in 2012. The center has advanced and safe facilities as well as experienced professional staff that support its wide range of services:

  • rehabilitative care
  • post acute care
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • outpatient therapy
  • respite care
  • hospice care
  • dietary care


Owing to its clear core vision of providing residents with quality professional care, Chesthelm also provides additional value by holistically nourishing the mind, body and spirit of it residents. Traditional scientific methods are merged with alternative therapies such as massage, reiki, meditation, music healing, expressive art and aromatherapy. Yoga and Tai Chi courses are also offered to residents.


Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in the East Haddam and Middletown Area


Chesthelm remains one the best rehabilitation and care centers for people suffering from Alzheimer’sand dementia in Middlesex County, CT. Part of Chesthelm's mission is to establish a comfortable and a nurturing environment for residents. An unalterable premise that these patients will always be accorded the love, respect and dignity they deserve. Proven medical therapies coupled with home-like warmth and care characterize the approach Chesthelm adopts for residents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.



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