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Advantages of Vertical Blinds By Mithul Mistry

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Vertical blinds are very popular among homeowners and for a number of reasons In fact there are possibly a number of reasons which you may not have thought of

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Vertical blinds are very popular among homeowners and for a number of reasons. In fact there are possibly a number of reasons which you may not have thought of. For example the home office reports on crime in the UK show a six per cent drop in home burglaries as homeowners are installing vertical blinds on the ground floor of their properties. On the flipside it seems homes without some sort of window security were six times vulnerable to a burglary happening in their home.

So that considered alone is a damn good argument to have some blinds installed. Ok it’s a little naive t
o just base it on that one situation, however there are other reasons. Vertical blinds can help save on energy bills, aswell as being a great aesthetic addition to your property. There a whole host of options available style wise and build wise. In fact most blinds can be custom made to fit your needs. One concern for many homeowners is the light that the blinds do and don’t allow into the property, however this is not of huge concern with vertical blinds as they naturally allow light through but also you to have that good level of privacy which is vital for most rooms in any home.

This is how blinds help with security as they have a great ability to block the interior view of a room and make it difficult for anyone to peer in. This is a great feature and a great deterrent of opportunist burglars. Advice from the NSI states that the recession will mean harder times and rise in crime rates, however taking small measures like installing blinds reduce your chance of being burgled.

Most burglars will pry into a property from the outside first to see if there is anything worth taking or of advantage to them to take. In fact most burglars are opportunists and will only attempt breaking in for good reason or to take specific items from the property itself. Not only do blinds make it difficult to view into a property but they also make it easy to notice a burglar trying to view in as the noise the blinds make when disturbed is quite substantial.

So to narrow down vertical blinds can offer style, security and above all they are very practical for everyday use and quite hardwearing. There are so many options and suppliers available out there that the general consumer is spoilt for choice. Even the materials and accessories that come with blinds are available in a myriad of choices. I have to admit that vertical blinds if tampered with can break quite easily however the cost of repairing is fairly minimal making them quite a cost effective solution.

Obviously when considering the blinds it’s not as simple or an easy decision to make as you the homeowner has so many things to consider. For example you need to consider the current and future look of your home. If you update the look of your home will the blinds fit in or will they go with your current decor.



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