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After the Crisis the World Will Economic Integration Continue to Deepen By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2012-01-26 11:21:42 | 141 Reads | Unrated


For the current financial crisis, different scholars have different views Now the world economic interdependence have not reached any time in the extent there have been close to truly create a global division of labor, the layout of global production, global consumption of such a highly globalized e ra

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For the current financial crisis, different scholars have different views. Now the world economic interdependence have not reached any time in the extent there have been close to truly create a global division of labor, the layout of global production, global consumption of such a highly globalized era. In the post-crisis era, will continue to deepen economic integration.

The current financial crisis, found that many people lack the understanding of the nature of the crisis experience. 90 of the last century, when Japan's economy, everyone began to believe that the Japanese econ
omy may have fallen into a cyclical downturn, but later found that this recession in Japan also get up to the old, suddenly lost for a decade. If China and the United States look like the result of trade friction, which direction will, but also would like to summarize how Japan's lost decade is that how to lose.

Japan's lost decade is not a simple periodic loop. After the war the Japanese economy has experienced a dozen times about the recovery, recession, about a dozen cycles. Why is this such a long time, once a decade, and even now people say there are twenty years? To sum up the economic crisis that Japan is not a simple periodic crises, as well as structural, the so-called development model of the problem.

Well, now further concluded that the financial crisis actually occurs a similar situation in Japan. The U.S. economy is not just a cyclical issue, there are structural problems. If Japan, the United States that is the case, then China is not also have this problem? Although there is no crisis in China, but there are great imbalances, but also need to balance internal and external, development model and other issues need to be adjusted, so I conclude this crisis is a composite of the crisis.

The first compound contains a factor crisis is a cyclical adjustment, the world economy and national economies have a cyclical adjustment; second factor is the structural imbalance.

U.S. manufacturing sector is significantly lower than the service sector, in manufacturing hollowing out the state. U.S. financial industry, especially developed, countries are required to be in the financial markets all open, so that it can override the financial industry on the global financial industry. This imbalance in the United States into a balance, but also resulted in an exaggeration of the expansion of its financial industry, manufacturing a huge exaggeration of the reduced imbalance in the structural imbalances of course, he could have been no problem, But the subprime mortgage crisis became the financial crisis set off the fuse, and then spread to the world, resulting in the compound past is not the same crisis.

After the financial crisis, the global economic pattern of the change? Since the second half of 2008, subject to further spread the impact of financial crisis, the world's major economies, macroeconomic indicators sharp decline in the real economy has experienced the most severe impact of the Second World War. Through the national government's economic stimulus, since 2009, both in emerging markets or developed gradually stabilized economic indicators, the global financial crisis has been through the panic into the "post-crisis era."

Global trade growth in 2008 less than 3% in 2009, is a crisis in all countries and regions, a comprehensive show of the year, the global economy of 0.5% -1% decline. This shows that in fact the global economy has not been catastrophic damage. As the world economy is not completely out of the recession, the international academic community have different views, the current global economy has come out of recession. This originated from the United States to Western Europe as the center of the crisis developed, not as serious as imagined, it should restore confidence in the economy.

Unlike the previous features of this crisis is that governments together during the crisis to save the world economy, rather than the 30s of last century as the Great Depression, the proliferation of trade protectionism, the results to solve the problem through war.

The crisis is mainly the U.S. and European countries within the financial system crisis in the financial system, thus seriously affecting the financial system most closely with a number of multinational companies or manufacturing enterprises. But now the major economies in a recovery, the current commodity prices began to rebound, energy prices rise faster, oil prices stabilized at 70-85 U.S. dollars / barrel, food price index, industrial raw materials price index also continued to rebound, which are full recovery of the world an important signal.

After the crisis will continue to deepen economic integration, economic integration as an irreversible trend, "post-crisis era", too, is now the world's economic interdependence have not reached any time in the extent there have been close to truly create a global division of labor, the global production layout, global consumption of such a highly globalized era. We share the interests of those who are, of course, shared by the disaster. Less by the impact of emerging economies, the recovery of the world economy in the process of eye-catching performance in the future, is the global market will be a major force; developed economies, particularly the United States through the crisis, the financial system to solve many problems, so capitalist economy will also be onto the fast lane.

Financial crisis in the past China's major exporting countries in Europe and America market, weak demand, coupled with trade protectionism, China's export-led economic model under the impact of structural adjustments to the way become a top priority, China's past role in the global plant will gradually fade. If China's role change might affect the world economy, I think the future will seek a new balance of States, economic, trade, finance and other aspects are seeking a new equilibrium.

The financial crisis does not make Europe's overall economy was fundamentally shaken, it is still the future to maintain stable economic growth is the primary national objective of the government's macro regulation and control, it is necessary to prevent the economic recovery process due to "capital growth" policy, the intensity is too large too fast, leading to excessive growth of investment, lead to inflation; also prevent policy efforts to stimulate economic growth and policy effects of weakening economic decline in the second round.

The financial crisis brought European and American developed countries, particularly developed countries, a great lesson that can not ignore the real economy, we must keep a certain amount of manufacturing. We note that the Obama revitalize U.S. manufacturing, and proposed plan to double exports, indicating that the crisis that Europe and the United States Government understands a truth, in order to achieve economic security, the need to achieve industrial security, to achieve industrial safety, must be a certain scale manufacturing, so there will be plans for future European and American developed countries to strengthen the power of the manufacturing sector.



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