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Agricultural Bank a Shares Online Purchase By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2011-10-09 09:19:18 | 107 Reads | Unrated


Network hotel supplies, today welcomed the Agricultural Bank A shares online purchase According to reports, ABC purchase referred to as "ABC purchase"; purchase code "780288

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Network hotel supplies, today welcomed the Agricultural Bank A shares online purchase.

According to reports, ABC purchase referred to as "ABC purchase"; purchase code "780288." Fund investors to participate in online subscription to the issue price in accordance with the present upper limit 2.68 yuan / share to purchase.

Agricultural Bank of China issued new shares for the Internet to create a relaxed financial environment, the open market once again easing liquidity, today only issued six billion yuan a year central bank bills. Meanwhile, the status of the transa
ction from the financial side of display, the Agricultural Bank IPO is not expected to cause tension in the capital yesterday, the inter-bank repo market funds continue to loose state, overnight repurchase repurchase and 7 days respectively as compared with the price level of funding before 1.9 and 4.88 basis points down.

Agricultural Bank of China A share offering this to strategic investors by placing, under the net to the inquiry objects and placing online inquiry issued by Subscription combined manner in which the strategic placement of not more than 10,228,000,000 shares; before the start of the clawback mechanism, offline issue no more than 48 million shares; online issue about 10.5 billion shares. Lead underwriter is expected to sign on-line purchase in the rate of about 3%, the scale of the freezing of funds or more than 1 trillion yuan.

H shares, to noon today, the International Placing and Public Offer will close. It is understood that the Agricultural Bank H shares of the cash subscription response. To meet the needs of our shareholders, the Agricultural Bank of 5 million copies printed yellow sheet, making the total number of yellow table has been increased to 20 million, while the white form is also 70 million. Subscription margin was 5 end, according to data provided by 12 brokerage firms, a total of over 2.161 billion Hong Kong dollar loan margin amount, equivalent to 4.423 billion HK public offering raised to 49%. Market participants believe that part of the Agricultural Bank public offering was subscribed in full and have no problem.

The ABC executive team and investors an online exchange, and to respond to investor concerns.

Most concerned about the current market, quality of bank real estate loans, Agricultural Bank of China Deputy Governor Guo Hao up revealed at the end of 2009, ABC corporate real estate loans were 427.3 billion yuan, personal housing mortgage balance of 497.9 billion yuan, total 925 200 000 000 element, the ratio of total loans 22.4%, the lowest proportion in the four lines. At present, the Agricultural Bank of China Banking Regulatory Commission in accordance with the requirements and guidelines, based on figures in 2010 a quarter of the Agricultural Bank of China real estate-related loans, personal housing mortgage loans for the pressure test. According to the preliminary test results, house prices fell 30% within the overall credit quality of the line is not too great. Guo Hao up also revealed that the ABC is expected to about 780 billion yuan of new loans this year.

The more concentrated the recent re-financing bank, Agricultural Bank, Mr Cheung said that after the dual listing after ABC, ABC's capital, core capital will be effectively strengthened, can guarantee the future of the bank's business development needs for some time. Recently, the bank planned no further financing.

The industry believes that the protection mechanism in the green shoe, the Agricultural Bank of China, the price discovery process will be more stable.



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