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With the My911 system, the smart phone’s location is constantly being monitored and updated, so there is no risk of a long delay while tracking systems are updated.

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You don’t know when you might find yourself in the midst of an emergency. Nobody walks out of their front door expecting to need a personal GPS tracker for any reason. But if you drive, go for walks, hunt, fish, boat, or enjoy any other activity that might require you to travel at all, a personal GPS tracker might be an important personal safety tool.

My911 Inc., offers a personal GPS tracker that is actually installed as an application on your SmartPhone, allowing you to be protected and traceable should you have any unexpected events occur. To see all the benefits you can gain
from using My911 Inc., services visit my-911 and read all the information offered on their site.

You should be able to travel and explore, knowing that if something should happen you are able to call for help, be tracked and located or record important data. Having a personal GPS tracker does all this and more. No matter where you are, if you are in need of emergency services or law enforcement, you can call them through your personal GPS tracker will alert the authorities most local to you, and they will be dispatched. Many people who have been injured while hiking or boating, and have died because the necessary support personnel were unable to locate them, could have been saved. If they had a reliable personal GPS tracker, their families and the authorities could have located them in a reasonable amount of time, allowing for them to get the help they needed in time.

If you have not purchased a personal GPS tracker because you are concerned with privacy issues, be sure to go to my-911 to see how My911 Inc., protects the privacy of their subscribers. You always know when the application is running, and can disable it at any time. A personal GPS tracker should make you feel more secure, without sacrificing your personal privacy. My911 Inc. understands this and has developed their personal GPS tracker application to meet these needs.

If you are ever injured while hiking, biking or other outdoor sports, and happen to be in a remote location you are able to call for help, and then with the insurance offered with this personal GPS tracker, you can also be certain that mercy flights or other transportation to a hospital will not cause you financial ruin. If you have a personal GPS tracker that gives you all the features you need for protection and security, and also offers insurance that allows you the freedom you need to enjoy the reasons you purchased your personal GPS tracker, what else could you ask for?

Be sure to look into the personal GPS tracker you may be considering, and visit My911 Inc., to see the comprehensive offers they make available to their customers. You won’t find a more complete, inexpensive or reliable personal GPS tracker anywhere else, and knowing you have the best protection from your personal GPS tracker can mean the difference between life and death. This is one area, where purchasing carefully is very important. Don’t settle for anything less than what My911 Inc., offers.

My911 takes advantage of readily available technologies to bring you a reliable mobile GPS tracking and accident response service. Utilize mobile technology to ensure your safety wherever you go. Please visit the site to learn more.


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