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All You Need to Know About Garage Door Sizes By William F. Gabriel

  in Home Management | Published 2011-08-29 18:04:06 | 435 Reads | Unrated


Garage doors are the single largest mobile pieces in the home, so it makes sense to talk about their sizes Garage door sizes vary quite a bit, depending on the structure that the garages were built into

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Garage doors are the single largest mobile pieces in the home, so it makes sense to talk about their sizes. Garage door sizes vary quite a bit, depending on the structure that the garages were built into. Garage doors are not as easy as some might think though – in fact, mistaken assumptions here lead to costly alterations later on.

When choosing garage door sizes, you do not really have a choice except to choose the one that is exactly right, or as close to right as possible. It just would not do to get a garage door that won’t fit into the garage portal opening, and there
is not much point in a door that is too small either.

Different garages are constructed for different purposes, and as such will allow certain types of vehicles inside. You cannot, for example, fit a lorry into an ordinary home garage, while having a huge garage door for just sedans and small cars is not particularly efficient either.

Most mistakes in conjunction with garage door sizes occur when the buyer makes mistakes in measuring. It is not just about failing to get accurate and precise measurements but also about forgetting to measure certain distances. Overlooking certain measurements may or may not severely influence the result of the purchase.

For example, a lot of buyers may forget to measure the distance between the lintel of the garage door and the ceiling. This can be a problem because most systems require space there. Some need it for turning space, while other doors will actually fold away under the ceiling. If there is too little space, you may not be able to install the automated door opener, if you could even install the door.

Another problem lies in slopes. A garage ceiling that slopes down towards the back, as well as driveways that slope down into the garage can interfere with the movement of the garage door and make it impossible to operate without some alterations or reconstruction.

To make the business of garage door sizes a little easier, you might want to ask for some experienced help. Manufacturers and vendors may offer professional surveying so you can be sure that you are getting the right measurements. Leave it to the pros, as they say. Of course, service fees are usually involved, but it is well worth it considering the much-lowered chance for error.

Lastly, garage door sizes will also determine the weight of the doors. Speaking of weight, the material you choose for the door will certainly affect weight too, as well as the operational noise and speed.

You will also want to review automatic door operators, which can make things so much more convenient for you. For up-and-over and sectional doors, you might want to take a look at the Hormann Ecostar. It is compatible with many extra accessories from Hormann, so you can easily expand its functionality. It also operates efficiently, safely, and silently, plus it is very easy to install.


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