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All about Medical Negligence By Boston Merry

  in Medical Business | Published 2013-10-12 23:32:32 | 126 Reads | Unrated


Medical negligence means any kind of malpractice or negligence by a physician or a health practitioner while treating a patient that leads to injury, harm or death of the patient.

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Medical negligence means any kind of malpractice or negligence by a physician or a health practitioner while treatin

g a patient that leads to injury, harm or death of the patient.

The error may be during the diagnosis, wrong medicine or dosage, treatment or after care of the patient. The error may have been due to negligence or on purpose. Medical negligence law allows the patients a chance to recover compensation for the trouble or loss they have been through due to the error or bad treatment. These laws are different in different countries.

The healthcare professional is not responsible for all the kinds of harm done to a patient due to medical negligence. There are exceptions. They will be held responsible for a patient harm if they deviate from the normal procedures of treating a patient which leads to an injury or death. According to a report, about 7% of errors in medication are due to blood thinners used in stroke and heart attack patients. Most of the errors in diagnoses are in cases of heart attack, cancer and meningitis.

About 160000 deaths in a year are due to Medical negligence in the United States of America. There were about 350000 cases of compensation claims in the past 25 years. Most of them were due to diagnostic errors. About $38.8 billion were paid as compensation due to medical negligence between the year 1986 and 2010. Each year around 15000 to 19000 complaints are filed against doctors due to medical negligence. It has been found that at least 1 out of 3 patients hospitalized in the USA have faced medical negligence.  Some of the common cases of medical negligence includes Administering wrong dosage of drugs, Administration of wrong medication, Leaving surgical things inside a patient’s body after surgery, Error in diagnosis or wrong diagnosis, Error in surgery, Staphylococcus infections which lead to the patient’s death, Bed sores or pressure ulcers.

It was found that the doctors who undergo a situation of medical negligence were found to be dissatisfied with their profession and would advise others not to have a career in medicine.

See to it that the error occurred due the medical negligence does not ever happen again. Your response to the situation should be appropriate and balanced. Try getting an independent clinical opinion so that the complainant gets some satisfaction. Apologies to the complainant are honest about the situation. Accept the errors and try to take appropriate measures. Make sure that everybody learns something from the situation and it does not repeat. The complainant should know of all the measures taken to correct the situation

What can the Doctor do when faced with a situation of medical negligence? Investigate about the complaint properly. Talk to the complainant and get an idea as to what they are expecting and the outcome. Tell them the consequences of the complaint and the results that they will get. Try to arrange for a settlement by reconciliation. medical negligence



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