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Ammonia free color: Their Positive Effective on Hair Strands By ted mark

  in Women's Interest | Published 2014-06-12 06:55:12 | 162 Reads | Unrated


Ever seen a Hollywood star with hair shinning like it is polished with lacquer and sighed at your own frizzy tangle?

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 Ever seen a Hollywood star with hair shinning like it is polished with lacquer and sighed at your own frizzy tangle? If you ask a hair stylist, they’d recommend you a hair colour as they coat the st

rands with a polishing element that adds shine and lustre to your hair mass. While this partly true, any hair colour wouldn’t do the magic. Try the new ammonia free color that covers greys, and do not contribute to greying of hair in the process. As you must have heard, hir color contains harmful chemicals that reduce the melanin count of hair at the follicles causing color coated hair strands to lose their original color. Ammonia free highlights are very popular among women who are very conscious about what they apply and consume.

The Ammonia myth is very popular, but only a few know exactly what the truth is. Ammonia opens up the cuticles of thehair strans and take the place of the pigments that color the hair. These foreign elements in ammonia then penetrate into the hair cortex affecting them permanently. Hair starts to grey out in no time and before you know, you will be totally dependent on hair colors to hide greys for the rest of your life. Ammonia free color products are thus advertised widely to generate awareness among the users. So, if you are wondering how do Ammonia free highlights works, its simple. These colors do not affect the ph balance of the hair, thus helping the hairs retain their original color for long.

Ammonia free highlights also ensure that the structural integrity of the hair is maintained for long. Thus, the colors just coat the outer part of the hair, within reaching into the tyrosine level of it. The deposited color remains outside, while the original color remains locked inside. Ammonia free color products replenish the protein structure of your hair thus allowing the strands to retain the natural color for longer. Hot roots and banding are not the natural isde effects of these no ammonia hair colors. FL Fort Lauderdale is literally dotted with salons that recommend the use of these hair products. So, whether you’re highlighting your ahir, or coloring it fully, you need to make sure that ammonia is not one of the ingredients in the product.

Ammonia free highlights and other hair color products are safe to use because they use Ethanolamine, that too in significant amounts in order to ensure that synthetic chemicals are not made a part of the composition. If you have used Ammonia containing hair colors before, then use the new and advanced products to feel the difference. Your hair will feel softer and the natural shine and color will last longer. It is always best to go to a salon or a professional stylist to get your hair colored safely. For best results, look through the products used on your hair, to be absolutely sure.

Looking to style your hair with Ammonia free highlights? We are a renowned hair salon stylizing hair with Ammonia free color to get the Hollywood look safely.



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