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Amount of Innovative Models of SOEs Kazakhstan By Lanbo Jiang

  in Marketing | Published 2010-05-13 16:11:05 | 213 Reads | Unrated


Who is the industry's iconic companies of Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Group Co, Ltd

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Who is the industry's iconic companies of Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Kazakhstan amount), in recent years has apparently not content with only measuring and cutting tools industry. Its tentacles in a very short period of time not only extends up to high end CNC machine tool production of virtual axis machine tools, down to the high power spindle also touched on Development of functional components.This innovative development model in the industry are rare. The source of this model is from the 50 year old company has been exploring innovative ideas i
n the spirit of the tradition.

Practice: "Reforms" and turning the tide
According to Kazakh deputy party secretary of Feng Lianjia volume introduction, the Republic of tool manufacturing as the "pride", Kazakhstan quantity is the "First Five" during the 156 national key projects completed and formally began the first large scale modern factory production. From the production's first drill, the first to caliper, micrometer, dial indicator No. 1, the first group of gauge blocks, the first precision measuring instrument, the first cutting tool, the amount of life experience on the doomed Kazakhstan's extraordinary .

But by the late 90s of last century, and Kazakhstan can not adapt to the volume of the external environment changes, the formation of a large number of debt and bad assets and remittance problems, loss increase, the internal management of confusion, rapid decline in operating performance, development difficult. The beginning of 1998, Kazakhstan has accumulated losses of the amount of more than 6700 million, has accumulated eight months salary arrears of workers.
Only 37 year old former factory manager Weihua Liang NC tool in the amount of time he was elected director of Kazakhstan, and he is Harbin's first democratically elected by the state owned large and medium enterprises director.
Begin after the new leadership took office three reforms: First, from the start to mobilize the enthusiasm of workers to begin implementation of the labor, personnel, distribution system reform, establishment of an effective incentive and restraint mechanisms. Second, the order began to reorganize to form Sales Corporation, cleaning up "to stay, bad debts," the sales part of the implementation of the "four unity of management." Thirdly, asset restructuring, changes to the modern enterprise system.

Through bold reforms, Kazakhstan is not only a replacement of the outstanding amount of wages, also pay the historical debt of nearly 100 million yuan, successfully achieved the original proposed "two year turnaround, turning over three years, five healthy development" stage targets, from almost the plight of the verge of collapse into a positive development. Kazakhstan in 2004 sales volume of 256.45 million yuan to complete, three times in 1998.

Explore: birth, "Ha volume model"
Business turnaround, and increased sales, staff stretch in enthusiasm. However, just stepped into a healthy development track of the amount Kazakhstan facing new issues: Harbin began in 2003 more than 1,400 state owned enterprise restructuring, Kazakhstan volume is listed as the work of promoting the restructuring of key enterprises. Is the introduction of foreign capital or "sell for?" Ha amount of development crossroads once again stood.At that time, the practice varied across SOEs, some mergers and acquisitions for private companies, some to foreign mergers and acquisitions, some by the company's management buyout. The original amount in addition to Kazakhstan, "state holding, the staff shares" mixed ownership transformation of the "collective entrepreneurship" model.Kazakh leadership capacity that can guarantee this is a loss of state assets and does not increase in value while ensuring that workers do not have a large number of laid off workers and to further mobilize the initiative of the road.

However, breaking the chain of a debt restructuring in Kazakhstan amount of insurmountable obstacles. Before the restructuring, the Kazakh bank debt on the amount owed over a hundred million. After mobilization, Kazakhstan amount to 3,500 employees "out of a loan to one" will invest 71.08 million yuan of shares (of which 35.54 million yuan in cash raised for the staff, another 35.54 million yuan from the bank employees for the amount of the matching Kazakhstan Innovation Loan ), acquired 44% of the state owned enterprise property rights, realization of assets of 284 million yuan repo package, state owned shares was increased from 100% to 55.87% reduction. Thus, a collective venture with Kazakhstan quantity for businesses solve the debt chain, the company's asset liability ratio from the original 95% to 57%. Kazakh deputy party secretary Ping Lianjia amount still laments: "When in our per capita income is about 1,000 yuan old state owned enterprises, employees can come up with more than 10,000 yuan at once how hard it is! Can say that without their support, the amount Kazakhstan would not be like this today. "he recalled, because many workers who are in Kazakhstan, a volume of work, wage levels is limited, so many people are put out the savings for years to support enterprise development.

Thinking: to lay the cornerstone of development
I must mention is that "out of a loan to one" approach is the amount of Jizhongshengzhi practice of Kazakhstan. Ping Lianjia to reporters, said: "the process of restructuring the Group to get a message that the world measuring tools known enterprises Germany Kiss (KELCH) companies to enter bankruptcy proceedings, is seeking acquisitions around the world who."Measuring the international work as well known industry companies, Kiss the company's core technology, research and development capabilities and brand value of production are located in the world, more important, it is specialized in high end CNC tool and cutter knife handle system presetter production The company, its product mix is exactly the amount that the lack of Kazakhstan, and Kay lion living in the world leading level of existing technology, its leading product development precisely meet the Hardy volume, to promote the upgrading of similar products.

In addition, Kiss and the amount of sales channels and Kazakhstan played a good complementary roles. Kazakhstan 95% of the amount of product markets in mainland China, 5% in other parts of Asia, apparently with the Kazakhstan goal amount of product to the world far away. The Kiss of the product market in Germany 70%, 20% in other parts of Europe, and 10% in North America and Asia. In addition to core technology, manufacturing resources, distribution network, Kazakhstan could soon be a volume in Europe and the United States has been recognized brand.This amount can not be tempted not to Kazakhstan. If the amount to Kazakhstan and Kay in the domestic construction of a lion at the same level, the same production capacity of enterprises to invest several billion yuan, and take years to complete.

Kai won the lion, machines can not be lost. The problem is money come from? Although Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, and are very supportive of Kazakhstan became the first volume of mergers and acquisitions of foreign companies going out of business, and were given 20 million yuan and 25 million yuan of financial support, but it completed the acquisition of capital leaving a shortfall of half of the enterprise needs think of ways to self.In order to complete the restructuring, Kazakhstan has exhausted all means the amount can not let employees come up with three million. How do? At this time, Harbin municipal government leaders had an idea, "leadership that the city banks have loans to encourage entrepreneurship, and now employees are out of cash shares, can be regarded as a collective enterprise, you can apply for matching loans to banks ah . "Fenglian Jia said:" The phrase Sudden Impact This With our unique 'out of a loan to one' approach, then we have this model also included restructuring state owned enterprises in Harbin one of ten model it. "

In this way, the company with 9.5 million euros acquisition of Germany Kiss successful company, owned by the company in one fell swoop "KELCH" brand exclusive worldwide right to use, product design, copyright and even the source code proprietary olive recorded under control and master Kai lion in worldwide production, supply and sales related institutions, and created a tool industry in China and Heilongjiang Province, set a precedent for state owned cross border mergers and acquisitions.

Complete the restructuring, reorganization Kiss. Kazakhstan in the same amount of time, cleverly arranged to achieve the "implementation of restructuring in merger and acquisition, M & A in advance in the restructuring, restructuring and M & promote each other" in order to advance the process of enterprise restructuring, independent innovation capability of enterprises to accelerate the improvement making capacity, such as Kazakhstan, "Phoenix Nirvana."
This year in March, the successful restructuring of China General Technology Group and Kazakhstan, which leads the company with 50 years of history once again standing on a new starting point. How to write a new chapter? Weihua Liang, chairman of Kazakhstan, said the amount, at a new starting point, companies will uphold the fine traditions of the past continue to struggle with new ideas to face new challenges, accomplish new goals.



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