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An introduction to cattery systems By Brian Miller

  in Pets | Published 2016-07-13 09:09:09 | 196 Reads | Unrated


Cats are adorable. There is a possibility that a person who keeps a cat as a pet might end up having a whole bunch of cats in cattery systems. In case you are looking forward to a venture like this, it is recommended to list down all your requirements and then contact a kennel manufacturer to order a custom-made if you also have dogs.

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Most of the times the whole cattery system begins with a single cat, as its owner falls in love with it and then the whole thing just becomes irresistible. Before you even know it, you own a whole bunch of adorable cats.


Cattery systems may be considered as something similar to a dog kennel. A simpler description would be a site where different types of cats are kept for different purposes. The major objective is cat breeding, but sometimes, a cattery also works on bringing about improvements in the blood line of a certain breed of cats. Cattery owners come across

a number of different challenges, but the biggest of all is to maintain a house full of cats. Cats are different from other pets. Unlike dogs they may not be considered as pack animals. This is due to the fact that felines do not have any hierarchy and male cats do not give any attention to female cats unless it is the breeding season.


Keeping several cats confined within the same site can be very hectic at times. You want to keep all your cats healthy and happy at the same time while keeping them in one place, but the job often becomes very tricky. However, as their owner, you have to sacrifice and put in all the efforts they require from your side.


Creating cattery systems needs a lot of effort and time. Your pet cats are relying solely upon you to provide them with everything they require to survive and also to be healthy. Different needs of cats include decent amount of space for living comfortably, clean and hygienic bedding, proper air ventilation, right type of food, water and also health care. Health analysis of your cats on a regular basis is very essential for the whole cattery. Keeping all these needs in mind, it is a good choice to contact a kennel manufacturer and order a custom-built kennel if you also have dogs. And in the same way, discuss everything with the kennel manufacturer about building the kennel.


Before you start a cattery of your own, it is recommended to look around and find few catteries in your area. Once you know their locations, you can visit few sites and have an idea about how the system works there. You can thoroughly analyze the layout of the cattery and you may also ask any sort of questions that are arising in your mind. A cattery does not require a special type of place. You can set it up anywhere you want, even in a big room in your apartment. After being sure about all the details, you might find a good kennel manufacturer and order a cattery on the basis of the number and needs of all your cats.


There are some basic things that you need to know before establishing a cattery. The most important thing you might want to consider is that you will be needing 30 cubic feet of space for each cat at the very least. However, if you can afford to designate more space for each cat, it is a plus.


If you are interested in establishing cattery systems or kennels, you need to contact a cattery or a kennel manufacturer to order a custom-made one.



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