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An review of the traditional Nyonya food By Kim Valerio

  in Food and Drinks | Published 2014-03-07 11:45:40 | 122 Reads | Unrated


Many western people imagine that all Asian cuisine are spicy and exotic. Though it may be true, there will still be some milder dishes that can be liked by all.

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Many western people imagine that all Asian cuisine are spicy and exotic. Though it may be true, there will still be some milder dishes that can be liked by all.

If you are one of the lot that think like this, I have a fantastic news for you.Kapitan chicken is a dish that is comes from Malaysia, due to the cross cultural influence of culinary skills of the Malay towards the local Chinese group. This traditional cuisine is known as kapitan chicken.

If a person read the history of Malaysia, you will understand that this country had been colonized by the British, Portuguese and t
he Dutch since 15th centuries. Throughout the colonial time of Portuguese, the chief of the Chinese clan was recognized for the involvement to the community and was conferred the title called Kapitan. The intermarriage between the Chinese and Portuguese especially at the area of Melaka has produced the followings new generation called Peranakan. If has become the mainstream Peranakan cuisine loved by all walks of life in Malaysia.Peranakans food is also called Nyonya food as Nyonya means granny or Madam of the strait borned Chinese descendents

Upon going back to his own kitchen, he noticed that it was too hot for the British captain and the workers.He decreased the amount of chillies used as he reckoned that the British captain might not prefer the chicken to be too hot. When the captain asked him to cooked food for his visitors, he decided to take the risks to dished up this new creation to the captain and his visitors over the dinner.To his surprise, the captain enjoyed it very much and the got raved review from all his friends.The captain question what's the name of this dish.He was caught off guarded and was just by murmuring " ayam kapitan ", which means captain's chicken in Malay.The name of this dish has since stuck among the locals until today.

The essential characteristic of chicken kapitan is the use of the traditional Malay herbs and spices but less spicy as compared to the typical Malay curry.It has a distinct Nyonya flavor as a result of the combination of lemongrass, galangal (a kind of ginger, also all blue ginger ), turmeric ( the local terms it as yellow ginger ), coconut milk and belacan (local shrimp paste).It is not the same as the Malay and Indian curry as not merely it is cooked with less chili, but is also the mix of spices used.The common spices utilized in Malay and Indian curry for example cumin, fenugreek and fennel are hardly used.Instead, belacan is included a small amount with abundance of coconut milk.

Kapitan chicken stands by its own as a unique nyonya dish as a result of the interweaving cultural heritage of the Malay, Chinese, Portuguese and British.The unique flavor comes from the tiny belacan that is added into the spice mix. Its special flavor is one of the kind due to the use of belacan (shrimp paste), kaffir lime leaves and turmeric in the recipe.It is easy to prepare and has an exotic taste yet not too overwhelming for anyone to try.You can find out addiitional information about Malaysian food and how to prepare this wonderful dish at



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