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Apple Beyond Microsoft Whether Become Former Nokia By Paul Hu

  in Opinions | Published 2011-12-09 02:24:40 | 198 Reads | Unrated


Exclaimed the market, Apple than Microsoft, the world's largest market value of technology People wonder, now there are electronic products actually need to queue up all night, waiting all night to "a pro-Ze

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Exclaimed the market, Apple than Microsoft, the world's largest market value of technology.

People wonder, now there are electronic products actually need to queue up all night, waiting all night to "a pro-Ze."

10 years ago, the pomp and kind words, but also a corresponding technology companies: Nokia.

When Nokia first cell phone screen lights up blue background light, people feel the blue, how much charming fashion.

When Nokia first time the mobile phone can be gently placed in a thin shirt pocket free, people think
it is more than a great company.

Nokia, once thought to be European companies competitive in science and technology aspect to create a model of new industry giant, but now fall in line, and gradually fade out of fashion and market vision.

In ten years ago, Nokia into a technological era, one of the most successful, it successfully captures the huge demand for emerging market opportunities for mobile phones, mobile phone industry to create the most powerful brand. Today, the manpower on the streets like a iPhone, that time, but it is a Nokia staff.

The company has a slowly rising, let's amazing how technology can create value for the market, but also in the glory of the people regret it now asleep in the shade.

Because of the lack of competitors before the siege took the lead and into this century, this enterprise had little exciting launch of a revolutionary product. In the past three years, without exception, Nokia news from bad news. Since Apple launched in January 2007 since the iPhone, Nokia's share price has fallen by 47%. The company's brand, once the world's most powerful brands, Wal-Mart is now discredited. In a global brand rankings this year, Nokia ranked 43, down more than 12 months ago with 30. Its profit margin continued to shrink, the phone average selling prices and declining market share. In the high-end machine market, Apple's iPhone and Blackberry firmly in place is the core of the occupied, while in the low-end market, Samsung, LG and other Korean companies can not be ignored. Nokia, is facing flattening out of the awkward position.

Apple does, from the iPod started to iPhone, iPad, as well as its iMac, these products are all set off in the global whirlwind, and to develop a group of loyal "fruit powder." But the point is that Apple had to admit, from product innovation and shocking, the latest Ipad been far less than the first generation of iPod and iPhone. Some commentators have even ironic iPad, only a large, no phone features iPhone; also been laughed at Apple's future innovation is to continually put a touch screen bigger, and bigger, until covered with carpet, a iMat, covered the walls as iWall.

Nokia's fall, from the loss of its innovative power. If one day, Apple has lost the innovative spirit, lose the company's top leaders, the current Jobs, Apple is likely to repeat the mistakes of Nokia.

Do not follow Warren Buffett, that Apple will be your Coca-Cola to hold a lifetime. Technological innovation, can quickly create a great business, they can quickly destroy a great company. Both will make people stunned.



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