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Ask the heating engineers Derby has what type of central heating system to choose By Johny Dean

  in Business | Published 2013-10-25 02:20:49 | 47 Reads | Unrated


You have just decided to install a central heating system. It is an important decision, if we consider that we are talking about your comfort and your family’s comfort.

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You have just decided to install a central heating system. It is an important decision, if we consider that we are talking about your comfort and your family’s comfort. Moreover, it is an important in

vestment and you must be sure you made the right choice and you will not have trouble in the future. So, where to start? Well, let us start with the type of fuel used. Depending on the fuel used you have a choice between central heating with natural gas or LPG, solid fuel central heating (wood, coal, briquettes and pellets), liquid fuel central heating (oil, diesel), heat pumps and electric central heating. You must choose your heating engineers Derby well, in order to benefit from their knowledge and experience not only on installation, but also when you might need boiler repair Derby.

Theoretically, in the first phase you will choose depending on the fuel you have available. But you should know that each type of fuel offers advantages and disadvantages in use for heating. These advantages and disadvantages derive from: the cost of connecting to that energy network (gas, electricity, LPG plant, etc.); the cost of fuel; the yield of each type of central heating; the cost of the installation specific to each type of central heating; the space for locating the panel (which is higher in solid fuel plants); for electric central heating systems, the type and the maximum power allowed by the existing wiring in the building.

The heating requirements are calculated for each room, so all the rooms in which people live must have the same temperature regardless of heat loss. A room with north walls has greater heat loss than a similar one in the south, and so it will have a greater need for heating, for example a larger radiator. To see how the installation behaves in cold weather, it is tested during cold weather. Pressure testing is done according to the maximum operating pressure and the manner of execution of the installation.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the production of hot water. Depending on the number of persons living in house or depending on the level of hot water consumption, you should make sure that your boiler will be capable of withstanding the hot water need. The heating engineers Derby companies provide will advise you on what type of boiler you need. Moreover they can also help you if you need boiler repair Derby.

Before deciding on the type of central heating you want, do not forget one important thing which applies to any type of plant you choose: the better insulated your home is, the lower the heating costs will be. Most of the times it is more profitable to invest more in your home insulation than to use a higher power central heating system which will have a high level of consumption. A well insulated house means a smaller power plant, lower power radiators and lower heating costs.

Modern heating systems allow people to enjoy comfort in their own homes, all through the year, no matter how harsh the weather conditions might be. The well experienced heating engineers Derby companies provide advise their customers on their options and help them when they need boiler repair Derby.



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