Automatic Garage Doors: Commands in Just a Click Away By William F. Gabriel

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Say goodbye to the manual type of administering garage doors Say hello to fully automated garage doors-convenient, secured, and safe

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Say goodbye to the manual type of administering garage doors. Say hello to fully automated garage doors-convenient, secured, and safe. It offers personalized and modernized modes of command in operating garage doors.

The initial breakthrough in the era of electronic garage door was discovered by Mr. Johnson in 1926. The control makes use of cable wires to initiate command on garage doors. It hangs by the garage ceiling just like the cable controller of some high-powered equipment. This initiated the start of a modern revolution to garage door automation. This is also the officia
l graduation from the complicated manual system of operating garage doors. This gave birth to the electronic garage door market.

Through the progress of science and technology, more and more improvements were soon introduced in the industry. The remote control door opener took the spotlight. It enables the driver to open up the garage door in the comfort of his car. It eliminates the hassle of going out of the car to open up the door. Just by pressing the remote control button, the garage door automatically opens.

There are three modes to facilitate the use of remote control door openers. These are the transmitter-receiver, wireless, and the rolling code. All of these can effectively be incorporated in the remote control to send and receive commands. All of which are products of telecommunications researches from the top companies of service and product providers.

The transmitter-receiver principle which powered remote control into operation is basic in telecommunication. The principle is the same as that used on television viewing through antenna. The antenna acts as the receiver of signal from a transmitter site from which the signal originated. In the case of a remote control, a transmitter is built in the remote control. The receiver of the signal is then built in the garage door to initiate the door opening.

Other remote control makes use of wireless transmission of signal. Are you familiar of the Wireless Infinity also known as “wi fi” that revolutionized internet connection? The principle is just similar. This type of signal propagation can however be prone to hacking. The signal generated from the source can be deciphered by neighbors within a specified range. Thus, the signal can be copied by an unauthorized user. This holds true in unsecured wireless installation where enabled unknown users can readily connect.

The solution to the dilemma on wireless transmission is the use of rolling codes. It restricts unknown users from deciphering transmitted signals. A quasi-firewall is built to secure transmission of signal. This gets rid of intruders from deciphering the code transmitted to enable a specific command.

Another personalized and secured door opener is the use of thumb scanner to operate a door opener system. It works like the biometrics system used in most offices to monitor the attendance of employees. A thumbprint is entered into the memory of the device. Only registered thumb prints are authorized to raise command. As to a door opener device, the owner will just press his thumb on the screen of the device to read authenticity. Then, after the verification, a command may be entered such as the opening of door. This is secured because no two individuals have identical thumb marks.

Remarkable upgrades were discovered to improve further the electronic door opener system. From the cabled-device door opener, new wireless door opening innovations have been available in the market. There is still a wide-range of transmission possibilities in store for men to explore.



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