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Ayurvedic Semen Enhancing Products Work Effectively To Increase Semen By Christian Harris

  in Medicines and Remedies | Published 2014-12-03 02:27:53 | 190 Reads | Unrated


Spermac capsules and Musli Kaunch capsules restore the normal behavior of body organs and increase semen production. It helps to reproduce sperm in adequate amounts.

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The problem of low sperm count is a major cause of infertility in men. The sperm count should be 20 million in a milliliter of ejaculated fluid and the condition when the number of sperm count is less is called oligospermia. The condition can be acquired by factors such as lifestyle choices (e.g. obesity, smoking, alcohol, prescription medicines etc.) or it can be by birth. Sometimes, the problem happens due to varicocele where the vein on the organ is excessively dilated and it restricts blood flow to the organ which damages sperm production. Endocrine imbalance and medical problems such a

s liver diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes and poor RBC can cause it. The problem can be cured by taking ayurvedic semen enhancing products which contains certain herbs that can empower the organ with phyto-compounds to increase semen production.

It has been discovered by scientists that the number of sperms produced by human body is reducing with time and experts are still guessing on the reasons for the reducing sperm volume in humans. If the motility of sperm is low, the sperm fails to travel and fertilize. Sometimes, the sperm are produced but are abnormally shaped. Ayurvedic semen enhancing products e.g. Spermac capsule and Musli Kaunch capsule contain certain natural compounds which can restore the normal behavior of body organs and increase semen production for a satisfactory lovemaking experience.

Varicocele is believed to be a major cause for infertility because in 1000 cases of infertility in men 400 were diagnosed to be suffering from varicocele but the experts in the popular system of medicine has not yet found any clear evidence to prove that when the person is given a treatment for varicocele, fertility increases. The herbal remedies contain herbs which empowers the male organ to increase its fertility. For example - Tribulus Terrestris is one of the herbs used in the remedy and studies show the herb has following benefits on the human body:

1. It increases endocrine flow in the body.

2. Its regular intake improves desire and libido.

3. It normalizes sperm count, sperm motility and decreases the concentration of anti sperm bodies.

4. It increases testosterone and LH in men.

5. It increases serum FSH and estradiol in men.

6. It helps in increasing the production of DHEA to cure erectile dysfunction.

Some men who are infatuated to unrealistic ways of lovemaking depicted by various media sources can suffer from erectile issues due to pressure to meet expectations. Sometimes, men who are into self-indulgence apply excess pressure on the organ, which can cause skin irritation and bruising, causing temporary discoloration and pain. Intake of herb helps in improving sleep patterns and increasing self-confidence of patients. Regular intake of herbs can increase libido in patients. Ayurvedic semen enhancing products, Spermac capsule and Musli Kaunch capsule help in repairing damage and empowering the organ at cell level. The body regains power to reproduce sperm in adequate amounts. Men who have been taking ayurvedic semen enhancing products get the phyto-nutrition to increase semen production and they are benefited in many other ways.

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