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Baby Blankets: Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Baby By Nishant Gupta

  in Parenting | Published 2016-10-22 12:23:54 | 482 Reads | Unrated


Do you want to know ‘which fabric is best for your baby?’ Read out this blog post, which covers 8 most popular baby blanket fabrics and decide yourself which one is best for your little one!

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If you’ve ever tried to purchase a baby blanket online for your little one, you would probably have been overwhelmed by the types of baby blanket fabrics available to choose from. Cotton, Silk, Wool, Muslin and to name a few, there are a number of fabrics used by manufacturers for making baby blankets today. So, the question is ‘which fabric is best for your baby?’ Read out this blog post, which covers some of the most popular baby blanket fabrics, and decide yourself!



Cotton, which is a durable, breathable and absorbent fabric, has always been the first choice for baby blankets manufacturers. In fact, it is among one of the most popular fabrics used for baby bedding items around the world. What puts cotton baby blankets above other blankets is their ability to keep a baby warm in winter and cool in summer.


If you’re looking for an easy to clean and highly durable baby blanket, then you should give microfiber baby blankets a try. Being stain and liquid-resistant, they allow you to deal with accidental spills quickly and thus reduce your washing efforts to a great extent. A well-known advantage of microfiber material is that it wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping the baby warm even in wetness.


Muslin, a woven form of cotton, is another popular choice among parents for baby blankets because of being durable, easy to clean and economical. Similar to typical cotton receiving blankets, muslin blankets also incorporate a plain weave to help your little one stay warm and comfortable all night long. Furthermore, they are soft to the touch as well as highly breathable to prevent the chances of overheating.


Despite being slightly heavier than other blankets, wool blankets are perfect to use in cold weather conditions to keep your infant warm and cozy. Made from the hairs of sheep and extremely soft to the touch, wool has many of the same traits as cotton and keeps your baby warm and dry even if the blanket becomes wet. Like cotton, wool is also available in organic varieties.


Fleece is a fairly soft, lightweight and easy to maintain fabric made of polyester fibers. Designed to be resistant to stains and water, Fleece blankets are surprisingly warm and often used for layering purposes as they are not as breathable as blankets made of natural fabrics. Since blankets made using Fleece fabric are not absorbent, they are easier to clean up than any other blanket made of fabric like cotton or wool.


Mink, sometimes also called Minky, is a 100% polyester fabric that is often used to make baby blankets, toys, accessories, weather apparels, and quilt backings. It is like Fleece, with the only difference that it is softer and thicker as compared to Fleece. Blankets made using mink fabric are not only easy to wash, but also get softer with each wash.


Made from super finely spun polyester fibers, Scuba is a lofty double-knit fabric designed to be as smooth and soft as possible. Previously used for creating knit apparels and shape wears, this fabric is now being used by manufacturers to make lightweight and soft-tailored baby blankets. The best thing about Scuba is that it looks brand new even after many washes.


Silk is an extremely lightweight, smooth and soft fabric obtained from the fine threads produced by the larva of a moth. Being different from other fabrics, Silk is one of the most demanded and highly prized fabrics. Not only it has the smoothest texture, but also it is quite good at retaining body temperature. However, being very delicate, Silk is not as durable as other fabrics.

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