Baby Fingers Offers Sign Language For Babies To Give Your Child A Jumpstart In Communication By Seo Manager

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Baby Fingers provides first class sign language classes for babies.

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The growth and development of every child is fascinating from their first smile to their first word. Consider giving your child a head start in communication by participating in classes on music and sign language for babies. Knowing that babies naturally attempt to communicate through melodic vocalization, gestures, and facial expressions, taking the sign language and music classes offered by Baby Fingers is a fun approach to enhancing a child's communication. Studies have shown extensive benefits to early education of sign language and exposu
re to music on IQ, spatial reasoning skills and much more. Baby Fingers offers parents the opportunity to enroll their babies as young as one month, children in pre-school or Kindergarten, and toddlers anywhere in-between, in unique classes teaching American Sign Language through music, games, stories, and dramatic play.

Baby Fingers is a unique program based in New York City that offers sign language and music classes for parents and their children. The founder, Lora Heller originated the idea after recognizing the impact of her early teachings of sign language on her own children. When her 6-month old son was able to sign the phrase "I love you" Lora was inspired to develop a curriculum and method to teach other children this useful tool as well. The general goal of Baby Fingers is to improve communication between parents and their young children while enhancing their language skills and motivating speech development.

Sign language has been noted as a way to communicate with those who are hearing impaired, but at Baby Fingers, they also consider sign language to be an art form. Originally, Baby Fingers was created for hearing children and hearing parents but is available to those who hard of hearing and deaf as well.

Why would those who are not hearing impaired be interested in learning this skill? Research clearly indicates that babies who sign tend to have a stronger command of verbal language and begin speaking at an earlier age than babies who do not sign. Baby Fingers can enhance their motivation to speak increasing IQ, improving vocabulary and literacy skills, decreasing frustration, refining motor coordination, and enhancing spatial reasoning skills.

The combination of music and sign language classes for babies is used by Baby Fingers because they both play important roles in enhancing communication skills. Signing is rhythmic as is music and the combination provides a natural means by with to interact. Both signing and music aid in the ability to keep a steady beat and that skill has been linked to improved reading performance.

If you have witnessed a child's frustration because they cannot express what they need or simply are interested in enhancing your child's skills, Baby Fingers offers many classes from a "Mommy & Me" to "Baby Fingers Sign and Stretch" and even hosts interactive baby parties and baby showers.

Become an early partner with your child as together you use fingers and hands to exchange messages. Watch in awe as your baby or toddler discovers the world of language. For more information about Baby Fingers or their classes offered visit their website at Mybabyfingers.

Baby Fingers LLC, founded by Lora Heller, Board Certified and Licensed Music Therapist with a M.Sc. in Special Education/Deaf Education, specializing in music mediated sign language instruction. For more information, visit



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