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Bamboo Products - Healthy Choices By Lanbo Jiang

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Speaking of bamboo products, there are a lot of people probably have at home, like what bamboo pen, bench, bamboo mat, bamboo crafts, etc There are other people especially like their colors and patterns, but in the north, bamboo products often cracking and deformation

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Speaking of bamboo products, there are a lot of people probably have at home, like what bamboo pen, bench, bamboo mat, bamboo crafts, etc. There are other people especially like their colors and patterns, but in the north, bamboo products often cracking and deformation. Many of us have just Despair it, then what causes it? Today we have to answer this question.Take the bamboo tube for instance, in addition to the appearance of various different bamboo tube, the bigger difference is in the processing technology. They are some of the traditional processing techniques, some are produced by modern
processing technology.

Traditional process is the use of bamboo in the original, by heating to bend, or cutting methods such as processed bamboo products. Such as pen, drinking cups, small handless winecup and bamboo root carving and some other crafts, are very natural and lovely. Unfortunately, in the dry northern climate, bamboo products, often cracking.Bamboo Research and Development Centre Ministry of Forestry Professor Tang Yongyu for us to answer this problem, he said: "Because bamboo is heat shrinkable material, moisture content increased, the temperature increase, shrinkage will increase."

Original bamboo cracking is water enough, and growth characteristics from the bamboo, the experts also made other explanation."It has a characteristic of bamboo, it is very long, every place has a section. It's actually in the mechanics section, from the mechanical point of view is very useful." Bamboo Research Institute Nanjing Forestry University, DING Yu Professor said the pen is now equivalent to the following section there is a closure, and above the head has been amputated, and had it like a hoop, like section sealed with it, so to saw off a section, often cracking on bamboo .

According to experts, these products are also now only remain in private hands on workshop style processing. After some bleaching, sterilization treatment such as folk art, but also very difficult to judge the appearance of. Some friends of these crafts put it down, will buy back its own in about, say, what with boiled, experts, this is not effective. However, identifying good and bad'll be a standard paint, because paint on the craft, not only play a beautiful role, the role of waterproofing it.

Currently, the market for bamboo as raw material a lot of deep processing, such as bamboo table, bamboo chair, as well as a beautiful fruit, baskets, etc., just north of consumers are rare. In fact, the process is complete can rest assured, it is the original by modern mechanized bamboo steaming, boiling, bleaching and other high temperature sterilization treatment, processed into an integrated plate, and then the plate as the raw material of various products. At this point will no longer appear on the traditional crafts cracking, deformation and other problems. Take the northern most bamboo flooring market for instance, consumers more say in it, but there are concerns about the actual purchase is, in fact, the processing of bamboo flooring is the use of the integrated plate, then the crack in order to avoid further problems, process on what have been handled?Professor Tang Yongyu said: "In the process, we must go through three anti handling. Pest control, mold, anti deformation processing, it will not be deformed. Because of treatment, required moisture content in the 10 12, if used in the south, the general moisture content of 12, if in the north, to deal with 10. "

But reporters in Beijing, the city found several decorative goods plus the label does not indicate the water content, in general, the manufacturers sent to the north of bamboo flooring, water content in 10. As for the floor color mixed, light colored retained because of the true qualities of bamboo, but brown is similar to the temperature through the different treatment, without affecting the intensity of carbon formed on the basis of. Because the bamboo will contain multiple sugar and starch, the color change is because these elements have been changed after a certain temperature. However, its flexibility and abrasion strength is not affected.

Also in the selection of bamboo flooring, it can spell insert 34 in the field to check its smoothness, but also to prove that bamboo flooring in a period of time after the transport, storage after being perfectly well. This quality will be more secure.Original bamboo style? Return to Innocence, is to meet the natural trend, while the texture of modern technology and also makes bamboo the lines are long for. At the same time, because bamboo is the world's fastest growing plant, with an average growth of 1 meter per day can be the fastest around. And bamboo in the 30 40 days of permanent shape. Therefore, the development and use of bamboo products, not only does not destroy the ecological balance, but is making a contribution to environmental protection.



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