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Basic fitness: a need or a luxury? By Kaa Yaa

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Basic fitness starts with getting up early, keeping some out for the body to gain its presence of mind and body from the sleep and then to get back to working condition. All of this actually comes under basics of fitness.

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Time and again we have been reading news and article pieces on why our daily health is deteriorating. Owing to the busy schedules and even busier lives on a stretch, we are losing control over our own body functions. Basic fitness is not all about hitting the gym, have Key-to-diet etc on a daily basis; it is more about understanding what our body actually needs and then working and functioning accordingly.

Basic fitness starts with getting up early, keeping some out for the body to gain its presence of mind an

d body from the sleep and then to get back to working condition. All of this actually comes under basics of fitness. Likewise, a person who suddenly jumps off the bed and runs towards the work, always feels heavy headed and also dizzy for the rest of the day.

What do the fitness gurus say?

The main fitness lessons go by how you treat your body, your soul and your mind. How much of your routine do you actually spend on the little things that matter to you bodily functions. It is not an overnight thing, to be precise. One, you need to get your body from harmful functioning ways to level zero first. Then, you can get back to raising the levels in a good and positive ways. Lots of water, healthy food is what the body needs and a good routine that gives every muscle of your body a good exercise is all one would need to have the fitness never leaving the door.

All of the fitness gurus of kaa-yaa, are the ones who have lived their lives and are continuing to do so, in understanding what each type of body needs to stay completely fit. We also have trained Fitness Gurus teaching the fitness-enthusiasts in our free fitness e-books that come with programs.

Is it possible to reverse the damage caused so far?

Of course, yes. Like an engine, our body too can be reversed from the damage caused by harsh driving and negligence. Nothing is really that easy, to be honest. But it is not impossible too. Firstly, we have training programs for every type of body and every type of damage that has already been caused. So, trust us with it.

Other than that, the basic things to live by are: Water, healthy diet and a good lifestyle that needs you to actually work bodily. Sitting in front of a laptop or on your study desks won’t take you anywhere in this race. You have got to have your body functioning, literally. You have to have each muscle moving on a daily basis; from head to toe. Come; visit us for more details, teachings and trainings from our expert Gurus in fitness and routines.

About Company: We are also offering a free E-book for you to download which includes all the basic information on fitness. We are developing a fitness app, which creates workout while considering your individual needs. Contact Kaa-Yaa at or call on 925 264 9121.

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