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Basics of Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses By Sarrah Beaumont

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If there is one reward that most mothers want later in life is to walk their daughters down the aisle, hopefully to begin a new life as a happily married woman Well, why not bask in the glory with the right mother of the bride dresses

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If there is one reward that most mothers want later in life is to walk their daughters down the aisle, hopefully to begin a new life as a happily married woman. Well, why not bask in the glory with the right mother of the bride dresses?

However, before you plunge into the when, where and how to look for mother of the bride dresses, be sure that you have a general idea of the kind of dress you want as well as the budget within which you want to work with. This way, you don't engage in impulse buying, which will almost always create regrets.

When to Look

/> If you still have time on your hands, the best time to look for your dress is at least six months prior to the wedding day. This way, you have more opportunities to shop around for the perfect dress that will attain the balance of enhancing your physical looks on one hand and making your daughter proud on the other hand.

Also, six months is sufficient time to allow for small alterations on the dress before the wedding day itself. For example, your chosen dress might need alterations on the hemline and neckline to better suit your body type.

Besides, when it comes to mother of the bride dresses, you simply cannot rush perfection even when you only have to play second fiddle to your daughter!

Where to Look

Fortunately, there are many offline stores and online sites that offer wide varieties of dresses for the mother of the bride. If you are a shopaholic in your own right, you will have an enjoyable time at it so you might as well get your shop on.

You can start with department stores that carry lines of formal wear and dressy dresses. You will soon find out that these ready-to-wear outfits make for affordable but stylish mother of the bride dresses.

You may also check out specialty boutiques in formal wear and even bridal wear. You might have to spend more money but the quality may well be worth it.

Or you can take the technological route with shopping through the Internet. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of online shopping - convenience, affordability and ease of use - although of course the downsides - no prior fittings, possible fraud - must be accepted.

How to Choose

Before you choose your dress it's important to remember all eyes will be on you at one time or another throughout the course of the event. Now is not the time to make a statement and the day isn't about looking better than the mother of the groom or your ex-husband's new wife. The day is about your daughter getting married. Your dress should be tasteful and elegant without causing tongues to wag.

You might want to consult with the bride about her choice of colors. While you don't want to wear the same exact color as the women in the bridal party, you might want to wear something that at least matches. The last thing you want to do is clash or stand out in wedding photographs.

If you're unsure of what to choose, take your daughter with you to find a mother of the bride dress. She'll help you select something appropriate that compliments the color scheme. Since the mother of the bride traditionally chooses a wedding dress before the mother of the groom, the bride will also alert the groom's mother as to what you are wearing. This will avoid both of you showing up in the same dress. Hey, it happens.

Proper etiquette dictates that the bride is the only one who should wear white. While you may have seen other mothers of the bride wear white to a wedding, this is considered a major faux pas. You'll want to avoid black too. Not only is this considered inappropriate, but many also feel its bad luck.

Check first to see what the wedding party will be wearing and see if you can find a color that works well. Also, choose a color that works well with your skin tone. You might also avoid dresses with busy prints as these can be quite distracting. It's always a good idea to take along someone who will offer an unbiased opinion when choosing a mother of the bride dress.

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