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Being an Interior Designer By Ambreen Ali

  in Career | Published 2013-12-27 06:39:43 | 136 Reads | Unrated


Being an Interior Designer

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Architects continue to argue that the field of interior designing falls under their command and the architects are qualified by education and experience to design the interior. However, the increased complexity in the design of interior environments has demanded a more focused expertise and skill set related to sustainable interior materials, design, facilities management, interior lighting and other aspects of the built environment focused at the interior scale. A key part is learning the skills of translating complex technical information into an easy to understand format that moves the audi
ence to act. You need to know how to present the information visually, verbally and experientially so that people are engaged. Interior decorating and design is a wonderful way to personalize your style, truly make it your own and showcase your unique style. Architectural education has failed to provide the focused experience needed to support an evolving and high level interior design practice. That is why many talented college-bound students have chosen to pursue an interior design education more directly aligned with their passions and interests. Unless you've been lucky enough to build your own house from the ground up, you will at some point be stuck with somebody else's ideas of interior decoration. Look back through time and you'll realise that there is very little in modern interior design which is completely new and original. Most interior design styles are adjustments and perceived improvements on previous designs and trends. Try to consciously absorb the details of everything you come into contact with, even if it doesn't really seem very relevant at the time. Of course no-one should copy the work of other designers. Rather you should seek to mix together sights and sounds from your everyday environment to create the style that suits you. A good first step is to start a file in which you can put magazine cuttings. Take photographs or buy postcards of places that you visit. These can be of buildings, furniture, beaches, or sunsets or anything that inspires you. Discover how to use today's trend in interior design to your advantage; in ways that reflect your personality, lifestyle, and interests. The home oasis is fast becoming more of a private retreat than it is a decorator's show-piece. Regardless of what color scheme and decor style you prefer, the current interior design trend makes good sense. Today's home decor is all about creating a tranquil atmosphere, with focus on simplicity and functionality. Today's trend in interior design not only leans more towards the clean and simple, but the natural as well. Natural products are being used to create a more pure simplicity, and a serene environment. Home-owner are looking for more cost-effective ways to improve the appearance and usability of their homes. Having a large budget to work with may be great when it comes to home interior decorating. But, you don't have to spend a lot of money on improved home design. Home designer professionals are experts at finding cost-effective ways to improve interior design. One great way to cut costs is by recycling. There are benefits to be realized by homeowners who also recycle wood products and other materials when they remodel, refurbish, or update the interior design of their home. They not only save thousands of dollars but also reduce waste and help protect overuse of natural resources. Even mixing old furniture with the new can create a stunning effect. It can also save a great deal of money. Successful home decorating on a limited household budget takes preparation and planning. The most important thing is to decide how much money you have to work with before making decorating plans. London Architects / Architect in London / London Architect



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