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Benefit of using TigerStop By Johny Dean

  in Business | Published 2013-10-16 07:35:02 | 77 Reads | Unrated


TigerStop is a brand of machinery used in metalworking and woodworking. These machineries that provides the advantage of stopping or pushing a material automatically can be combined with other devices, such as mitre saws, wide belt sanders, radial arm saws, profilers, or boring machines.

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Woodworking is the process of transforming wood into works of art, furniture, interior and exterior decorations, and many other items. Obviously, to process wood you need the right tools. Thankfully, an Ame

rican company has come up with a range of devices meant to ease the task of those who work with wood. The name of this company: TigerStop.

There are many advantages to using TigerStop devices. First, you can use them in metalworking as well, not only in woodworking. In fact, almost any material can be used on a machine that features an auto stop or pusher manufactured by this company. With these devices, operators can program where exactly to stop cutting, sanding, or punching a material. By doing that, they save time for not setting and resetting manual stops.

Another advantage is that these devices can be used in combination with lots of machineries, including double mitre saws, wide belt sanders, boring machines, and profilers. All that the operator has to do is to place the piece of wood that needs to be cut, sanded, or punched onto the machinery designed to do that, and then program the exact locations where the machinery will stop cutting, sanding, or punching.

With such products, operators can stop marking their pieces of wood, since everything is controlled by computer. And no, you do not have to be a software developer to be able to program such device, because the hardware designed by this American company comes with all the software it needs, allowing woodworkers and metalworkers to obtain the desired workpiece shape, length and width.

Those interested in safety issues should be happy to find out that such devices get a high score in terms of safety. This happens because operators are no longer required to stop and restart the machine for dozens of times a day, since all of this is done automatically by the device. In addition, operators are not even required to spend a week or more to learn how to use such devices.

And this is another advantage of using the equipment manufactured by this American company. With the features and options of these devices, operators can be trained within minutes and can start to use the devices on radial arm saws, wide belt sanders, profilers, boring machines, or other machineries from the very first day.

Because such devices do not need too much human help, except for the cutting, sanding, or punching instructions created by an operator, workpieces do not suffer from human errors anymore, just like they did some time ago, when the employees were those who needed to control everything, from the saw or wide belt sander itself to the exact cutting or sanding locations.

Do you want to concentrate on productivity, reduce waste, train employees in a fast way, and increase sales? Consider investing in an advanced technology used in woodworking and metalworking. Consider investing in TigerStop devices. With the help of these simple and easy to use machines, you and your operators will be able to cut, sand, punch workpieces much faster than ever before. This, because with such devices, you can auto stop and push workpieces on radial arm saws, wide belt sanders, or boring machines, without using manual stop systems anymore.



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