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Benefits Of Buying used Cars Waynesville NC Over New Cars By Hammond Rauers

  in Automotive | Published 2017-02-21 12:37:07 | 190 Reads | Unrated


If you are planning to buy per-owned cars, then you should remember certain points that would ensure that you do not end up with a lemon. The article discusses on things that you should remember when buying from used Cars Waynesville NC dealers.

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After your home, it is the car that becomes the largest spending you could ever make. However, you could manage your finances responsibly by purchasing used Cars Waynesville NC that areslightlyused and keep cash in your pocket, while keeping the quality of the car intact. The article discusses 6 benefits the buyer gets in purchasing a slightlyused car over a brand new one.


Used Cars - lower prices, less depreciation


It is well-known that as soon as a new car is driven off the lot, its value diminishes by thousands of dol

lars. You can still make a good bargain by buying a used car. A market research done shows that the price of a new car which cost $25,536 without taxes and fees in 2008, would now cost around $13,000. Undoubtedly, a good bargain indeed! A car that is one or two years old, is still depreciative, and when this car is bought, the loss of money made is less and also less quickly.


Sales Tax on New Cars


Ad related to the sale of new cars is usually put up without mentioning the tax issue. New cars are sometimes subjected to state sales tax, which is not the case with used cars. This sales tax could be to the tune of thousands of dollars which the dealers of new cars add to the new car’s price, and which could run up to thousands of dollars. Hence, you should pay heed to the savings and do research on the laws existing in your state before settling for a decision.


Falling registration fees


The annual registration fee in most of the states depends on the value and model year of the car. The first year sees the highest rate, and it gradually levels off within a period of five years. Hence, buyers in states having similar rules can save to the tune of thousands of dollars in not having to pay registration fees as buying a used car which is at least three years old do not need its registration fees payment.


Useless add-ons withnew cars


Buyers of new cars would find some additional dealer options in the form of a protective film, a pinstripe, or the common “anti-rust coating”, but the buyer of the car can get these items at a much-reduced price from an after-market installer. However, these things do not add any value to the resale value of the car in any way. Hence, buying a used car means you don’t have to pay anything extra for these add-on items. On the contrary, buyers of used cars will get add-ons like a sunroof at a much lesser price compared to the original owner.


Dealers and their unreasonable fees


In addition to such items for anaddition like rust-proofing, dealers of new cars come up with such additional fees like destination fees, shipping charges, and “dealer preparation.” However, buying a used car means you pay the tag, title and registration fees to DMV, without having to worry about such nonsense items added with a new car. Buying used car means you are in a better position for negotiation, when you can tell the seller of walking away from their old used cars. They would prefer to keep you at the negotiating table.




Present day cars are built that could last for a minimum of ten million miles, and that means buying used Cars Waynesville NC get you the reliability and overall good condition that a new car would have. There are used cars that are scratch-free and in excellent mechanical condition. And for those having some understanding of cars can easily find one that is as good as a new car. However, to be more comfortable, you can depend on the extended long-term car warranties and certification programs that are available to most car makers. When bought at a manufacturer’s dealership, you know that the pre-owned car has been inspected and the car meets the strict requirements that are required for certification. The biggest benefit in buying from car dealerships in Waynesville NC is that you get the manufacturer’s warranty that is available for used cars. This type of knowledge is important to the buying process of a used car.


Franklin Ford is a reputed dealer of used Cars Waynesville NC, providing useful advises to buyers to help them get the most benefits of their purchase.



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