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The Reynolds Group professional Residential Interior Design firm are specialists in high end residential interior design and custom homes.

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Having a dream house built from the ground up is a way to make your ideal vision of home a reality. To get started, enlist the services of a team of architects. If building on a property in: Chicago, North Shore, Colorado, Wisconsin or Michigan, then hire a Chicago custom home company to manage the design and oversee the building of an architecturally significant project. A team of architects from a Chicago custom home design company will work with you to build your high end home, merging their knowledge and expertise with the client's hopes and ideas, to create a beautiful custom home
that can be lived in, and passed down for generations.

Starting the Process of Chicago custom home design

The first step towards having your Chicago custom home built is project orientation and programming. This initial phase lays the foundations of the primary design. Collaboration with the team will begin to develop the beginnings of design goals that will be laid out, based on the current site conditions, and the customer's ideas. A team of architects will review the current zoning of property, accurately document any existing structures which will remain standing, and prepare the preliminary solutions to determine the layout of the new home. In this step the customer can provide the Chicago custom home team with details such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, plus furniture and storage requirements. During this phase of construction, budget will be discussed with the Chicago custom home architects, to be sure that the budget matches the scope of the project.

The next step in the Chicago custom home project is design development and construction documents. During design development, the Chicago custom home designers will design the style of house to be built, and then refine the design concepts. Chicago custom home designers will create accurate scale drawings using state of the art CAD systems. The construction documents phase is the basis for the construction contract. It involves working on the finer details of the home's exterior including the millwork, superstructure and mechanical systems. These drawings are part of the permit application and bidding package.

A Chicago custom home firm will take care of everything right down to building permits and the bidding phase. They will follow up with the plan reviewers, and answer any questions in a timely manner, to expedite the process. While waiting for the building permit, the Chicago custom home team will be taking bids for craftsmen and vendors to build your home. Chicago custom home architects will be more familiar with the specifications and plans for your home, when compared to a general contractor. The bids will be more accurate reducing any unnecessary and costly surprises during the construction phase of your Chicago custom home project.

The satisfying part of having your Chicago custom home built is the construction, which includes regular updates, and a week by week flow chart. The Chicago custom home company offers warranties on their homes, and supervision of your project by the best in the industry. Since 1995 the Reynolds Group have been building high end Chicago custom homes for families in the United States. Visit them online ReynoldsArchitecture.

Founded in 1995 by Douglas Reynolds, AIA, The Reynolds Group, Inc. is an architect-led design| build firm specializing in high-end residential and commercial projects. Details about Custom Design Services can be found at



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