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Best Countertop Water Filters - An Ideal Solution For Most Families By Kim Valerio

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Many older people who grew up in developed nations will unquestionably remember the years when lots of shops never even stored bottled water.

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Many older people who grew up in developed nations will unquestionably remember the years when lots of shops never even stored bottled water. If you felt like drinking some water, you simply opened the kitchen tap, and you instantaneously had a glassful of good; clean as well as safe water.

Has the quality of tap water in those countries around the world truly deteriorated so much that the water will no longer be suitable for drinking? Do we well and truly have to depend solely on bottled water? It would certainly seem that way if one takes a look at statistics related to the bottled
drinking water industry. Individuals are spending what equates to millions and millions annually, and that only includes the United States Of America. On a global scale, that figure would run into the billions upon billions, as opposed to millions,

Strangely enough, countless studies carried out in the United States have shown that some of the country's leading brands are selling water which is substantially more "impure" than most regular tap water. Samples taken from some of the top brand names have been shown to contain a troubling number of chemical contaminants, and even remnants of some pharmaceuticals.

It's all very assuring to get a bottle of water called "Spring Water" or "Mineral Water" but quite often these labels can be very questionable. Just because a manufacturer uses water from a natural spring, that doesn't necessarily mean it's pure. It could be contaminated with body fluids from livestock grazing in nearby fields for example. Mineral water is equally as questionable simply because from a legal standpoint, practically all water in "mineral" water unless it's been through a remarkably vigorous filtering process.

The bottled water business is also the cause of an incomprehensible amount of pollution.. This stems from the production of the bottles; the transport, and eventually, the disposal. No matter what argument people put forward, bottled drinking water is a bad idea. It's harmful to the environment; it's bad for your finances, and it's quite often bad for your health too.

There is fortunately an alternative, and one which is nowadays within reach of most individuals. Countertop water filters have become affordable in recent years, and they quickly pay for themselves because if you have one, you'll never need to purchase another bottle of water ever again.

Not only are countertop water filters exceptionally cost effective, but they also get you in control as far as water quality and water purity is concerned. You elect when to change filters and so on, rather than having to trust in a faceless firm that places a great deal more priority on profits than anything else.

The only matter which you have to remember is the fact that not all countertop filters are designed equal. You'll also have to take your personal circumstances into consideration when looking for a water filtration system. After all, if you're married and you have a number of children, you'll need a system that is capable of filtering sufficient water for the whole family. The part to remember is that if everyone has to stand around and wait for ages before they can have a glass of drinking water, they'll shortly go back to buying bottled water.

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