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Best Team Building Activities By Prescilla Priyanka

  in Education | Published 2016-10-20 05:33:52 | 511 Reads | Unrated


Enhancing team work is a must for better outcome and smooth running of your organization. But, what worked years ago is no more fun for employees today. Use new techniques like camping, rafting and concerts to help your employees come together while having fun.

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More and more companies today are utilizing team building activities for increasing the efficiency of their teams and productivity of their organizations. These kinds of activities are great investments to bring about substantial change in the behaviour and attitude of employees towards their work. The main purpose of team building activities is to raise the morale of employees, build team spirit and improve collaboration amongst them. But, what worked 10 years ago will not work now. Activities that were used years ago will be no more fun for your employees today. So, you need to drop your

old ideas and come up with new experiments and opportunities. To help make it easier for you, here are some team building activities that will be fun and will have your employees be glad about.


If a majority of your employees have more of an adventurous spirit, you can utilize this quality as a benefit and take them camping. This will make the entire trip a team building activity right from the start and all the way till the end. Planning for a camp will have all the team members involved in organizing the entire trip – right from planning up till the execution. This will help you test your team collaboration and identify any issues, which you can work upon in the future.


Another adventure sport – rafting – will help you disconnect from the city life and worries that come along, and spend more time having fun. Going for rafting will be a lifetime memory for your team members, which will instill positive and fresh vibes within each one of your team member. Utilize this opportunity as a team building one by having your team members build their own raft and use it to get across the water. This will enhance teamwork, intellect, co-operation, coordination and communication skills.


A concert is not only a place where your team members can spend time together, but it can also help them unwind and raise their spirits after a hectic week. It will boost up their energy and all their positive emotions, which will help them to perceive one another better. Whether cheap or expensive, all the excitement about going to a concert together will create a positive atmosphere in your organization. Preparing for the show and travelling to the concert, and what all will be done there will be the talk of your team, which will help them gel better and exchange their personal views and opinions, helping them to understand one another and come closer.

Apart from these activities, think of new ways you can lower the stress of your team, and make them feel happy and positive. Carry out tasks that will have every team member helping the other. This will only increase bonding between them, which will be positive for the running of your organization. MARG is a place you can approach if you are looking for new ways of encouraging your team to work together as they are an established name for providing the best in class team building training in Bangalore.




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