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Bobbleheads for basketball team By GelSlimDietPills GelSlimDietPills

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Bobbleheads for basketball team

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Recently we have just accomplished a personalized bobbblehead project for a local basketball team. We were designatedto make a group of bobbleheads for the first team and the coach. Here we aregoing to introducing the details of each of them.

 First of all, we’d like to show how we madethe head coach’s bobble. The position was made as a coach bobble head in oursite, fea

turing a coach standing straight with a clip board in hand. But as theclothing didn’t match the team coach’s every day dress, we are required to makehim in white shirt and beige pants which represents his look on court. Thehighlight is on the base, we make texts reading “The Best Coach 2013”.

 The second one we made was the center’sbobble head, as he is the tallest guy in the team, we make his custom bobblehead canada  slightlytaller than the others. He is made wearing the team uniform and hold abasketball firmly by two hands. It looks like his is generating the power todunk. On the back of the jersey, we make his number 17 and the name Davis. It makes the item100% personalized.

For the small and big forwards, we makethem both on the same position and team jersey. Both of them are dribbling abasketball on his waist, numbers and names are made on the back of the jersey.As it will be lined up in a team format, the identical position makes nice symmetryfor the layout.

 Different from the forwards, we make the guardsin very different position. The point guard was made in action of dribbling a ballto cross over the opponent. The body is bent down and basketball is attached onthe right hand. The shooting is taking an action to shoot the ball. Detail likethe team logo, names and numbers are all made on the player’s jersey.

 By putting them together, they look exactlya funny bobbling basketball team. It was really hilarious and very personalized.When they display the team bobbleheads on the teams anniversary party, all theguests are shocked by such a group if funny little basketball guys. Now we aremaking the ones for the alternative team because every team member wants tohave one for themselves.

If you are playing basketball in a team, it’sa brilliant keepsake idea to make all the team members into a bobble head. Itwill make your guys look like a family and it’s really funny.



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