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Book Review, Jonathan's Revenge by Valinda, A Struggle to Gain Control By Marianne Conway

  in Poetry | Published 2013-11-08 22:14:45 | 515 Reads | Unrated


A unique story which took me across color lines, cultural, and different class structures within America. From walking the streets of Oakland, California to an International call girl ring, which has every intension of shaking down one of the wealthiest families in America, this is one story you'll remember. Based on true events

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This was an odd and interesting story, which is said to be based on true events. The story took me across the color and cultural lines of two very different groups of people in America. The book starts out with a group of seven prostitutes who have lost their pimp to religion. The women, striving to earn a living, band together and battle the problems of being prostitutes. J-Nell the new leader of the group has fits of rage and does drugs because nature provided her with some extra body parts. After one of the women, who is bi-polar, falls in-love with one of the wealthy clients
, she is raped during an afternoon cocktail party by four or five of the client’s business associates. As it turns out the rape was to consummate a business deal which was pre-planned by the wealthier men to fail. It was a roost to facilitate the use and loss of finances for the family with less money. Bernice, the prostitute who is rapped is bi-polar, not stupid. She tells the group of women what happened, and the educated woman in the group who dropped out of law school to become a call girl, calls a friend who happens to be a judge. The women put their heads together, and Bernice uses a turkey baster to steal the sperm from her client and inserts into her womb. She impregnates her-self and nine months later gives birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy, whom they name Jonathan. The story surrounds how the women juggle the job of being prostitutes and raising a child, funny at times. As Jonathan gets older, the women of seven take their business from walking the streets of West MacArthur Blvd in Oakland, California to International hook-ups all over the world. They grow a small, but lucrative, prostitute business into an International call girl ring, including a private jet. Jonathan gets it into his head that he wants to play football, so to keep him silent the women purchase a high-priced condo in San Francisco so he can attend high-school and play football. It turns out that Jonathan is good at football and plays college football before he is drafted into the NFL. The women have a life-time plan of shaking down their previous client for money and they don’t want the heir to one of the wealthiest families in America playing football. The book doesn’t make it clear but it seems that the prostitutes use their skills to get Jonathan kicked off the NFL team based on concussions he incurred while playing college sports. For this Jonathan wants to kill all seven of his mother(s). After Jonathan goes into depression over the loss of his football career, the judge’s daughter comes back into the picture and provides an afternoon of “marry me” love-making. She wants in as Jonathan’s wife. I can only imagine that her father encouraged this union since he knew who Jonathan’s real father was. Of course the author never really says for sure it. If I had one complaint about this book it would be that the author left me to draw my own conclusions, more than once. The story takes some interesting twist and turns as Jonathan tries to gain control over his life from the gang of women. In fact the entire story is based on Jonathan getting control over his life. Towards the end of the book, he learns the truth about his biological father. He comes to understand why the women controlled every phase of his life. In a psychological battle between the prostitute(s) and the client, this book takes the battle to the max. The client broke the rules. The prostitutes, who lost their pimp, handled the situation in their own way. Cruel? Yes. Exciting? Yes. Illegal? Very I believe this story is based on true events. It’s hard to believe that someone could just sat down and wrote this story. The ending has a big surprise, as Jonathan finally gains control over his life.



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