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Book Review, The Ultimate Disclosure, Personal Notes from the Author By Marianne Conway

  in Poetry | Published 2013-10-31 18:44:38 | 604 Reads | Unrated


Book Review: A young Muslim woman is forced to attend law school by her demanding and powerful father, who has world-wide International ties. The daughter falls into the hands of another law student, Jason, whose father is equally powerful.

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From thoughts of suicide to humiliation and betrayal, this short story is a home-run. From believable excitement, based on the current events of the world, the author manages to bring Christians and Muslims together for the sake of financial gain. The problem is, not everyone is aware of the real reasons for the marriage between a beautiful young Muslim law student and a handsome, very wealthy, white American law student. Jason’s father, who is the founder of one of the largest law firms in New York City, runs a back-ground check on each student in his son’s law classes. He fi
nds out the truth about Hagar’s father, and then offers his son a five million dollar gift to marry Hagar. As it turns out the American Christian family extended an open invitation into their family with a hidden agenda to bring down Hagar’s father, who is well-known in almost every country except the United States. The problem is, Jason is in love with someone else. How the other woman ends up on the honeymoon/business trip is in trigging, but she does, and Hagar finds out the truth. In the story, told from Hagar’s perspective, she reveals ancient secrets from her father’s side of the family which dates back over 2000 years. Heart-broken because of her father, her father-in-law, and her new husband whom she loves very much, she has a hard time pulling it back together. Hagar learns that her father has authorized her death due to her betrayal. She remembers what happen to her cousin when she married a non-Muslim American. Fear and stress sets in, but Hagar, holds it together until the honeymoon slash business trip when everything comes to a halt. A fiction based on world history in modern times takes the reader on an emotional ride with Hagar who is torn between the two major religions. She finds a common denominator which enables her to with-stand the betrayal and deceit, granted to her for the sole purpose of bringing her father down. Personal Notes from the Author I must admit the first time I wrote this story it lacked details and a natural flow which would make it interesting to readers. After enrolling and attending online writing classes, I rewrote the story under a different title. I had a particular category of information which I wanted to share with readers, but I didn’t have the experience to write the story professionally. My ability to deliver such an important message was not good, and the reviews on Amazon supported this conclusion. Because the story was important to me, I did what was necessary to deliver a professional and well written story, one that would flow well and create excitement and an element of surprise. Telling a few ancient secrets alone the way became incidental, and this time, the information was tied to the main character. I have my online writing instructor to thank, for helping me to understand the role of an author and how to tie everything back to my main character. (In other words, to make sure the reader can understand all phases of the story.) To my editor, I say thank you helping me to understand that all books should be professionally edited. My editor also taught me that if I was planning on being a serious writer that I needed to include her in my monthly retirement budget. I say thank you to my graphic artist who created an affordable e-cover for this book. Surely the graphic artist understands that the editor took most of my money! I can’t think of a better retirement project. Of course I write some of my fiction stories under a pen-name, while I write non-fiction under my real name. The only regret that I have is that I waited until retirement (living off the shores of Mexico, before starting to write.



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