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Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring By Adrianna Notton

  in Relationships | Published 2012-08-09 07:16:59 | 295 Reads | Unrated


Choosing the engagement ring for your fiance can be difficult It may be hard to know exactly what kind of taste she has

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Choosing the engagement ring for your fiance can be difficult. It may be hard to know exactly what kind of taste she has. But there are a lot of ways to help make the process easier for you.

First think about size. If you can take a ring she already owns with you to match sizes do that. If that's not an option asking a close friend or family member that is a similar height and weight may help. Remember it's always better to buy it a size or half size bigger so she can have it sized down.

Try to think if your fiance has given you any hints as to what she wants, bec
ause she probably has. If not, try to bring along a female friend or family member that knows her well. Second, don't be discouraged about the taste you have. You know your fiance well, think about the clothes she loves to wear, that is a good starting point. Once you start looking you will be able to get a feel for how she'll like each one, you will know when you've found the right ring.

Remember engagement rings come in gold, rose gold, platinum, and white gold. White gold and platinum are silver, but they are much higher quality than sterling silver rings you may see. Rose gold is a deeper color than standard gold, it is almost a brass color. If your fiance has jewelry she wears often, look for that same color, it's probably what she wants.

Diamonds are the standard for most engagement pieces. However, some countries go for a diamond in the center, and the woman's birthstone gem to sit on each side of the diamond. This is meant for good luck in your marriage. It has since become more popular to have the center stone to be a gemstone and surrounding it with regular smaller diamonds. Figure out her birthstone and her favorite color as a starting point.

You can find square cuts stones, called princess, emerald or cushion cuts. A round cut is also popular. A round center stone by itself is called a solitaire ring, and is popular with a single diamond. You can also find a marquis cut which is an oval shape that has points at each end. You can also find rounded oval stones in various sizes.

Budget for the ring can also be a huge factor in decision making. Remember platinum is usually the more expensive metal, choose yellow or white gold. Spending money on a piece with 1 carat of smaller diamonds is probably a better bet, you can find a half carat or so center stone with the rest of the carats being detail around the center stone. Go for detail with gemstones and or smaller diamonds for beauty without the big price.

Remember when buying the engagement ring is it important to keep in mind how your fiance will view it. You are buying this to show your love to her, that is the most important thing, not diamonds or money.



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