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Canapure Canola Oil is a healthy and organic cooking oil, sourced directly from Canada and widely distributed in the Indian subcontinent and south Asia. This heart-friendly culinary oil is one of the most trusted Canola Oil Brands in the world.

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Healthy eating isn’t a new concept anymore! It has turned into a regular lifestyle in today’s world. From the vegetables we eat to the cooking oil we use, we make sure everything that goes on our plate is extremely healthy and good for the body. In this enthusiasm of eating healthy, we often get confused because of the numerous options we have in practically everything that goes in our kitchen shelves.

Well, let us help you out in choosing the right cooking oil. If you haven’t heard about Canola Oil and its health benefits, it’s the right time you get intro

duced to it. Canola Vegetable Oil is one of the most heart-friendly cooking oils available in the market today. Organic Canola Oil is produced in the largest amounts in Canada and is widely distributed in South Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

Now let’s get to the topic in hand and explain why Organic Canola Oil is the right cooking oil for you.

Super Heart-Friendly Oil

Canola Vegetable Oil is an extremely good source of monounsaturated fats, which help in reducing the bad cholesterol levels; thereby lowering the risks of heart diseases. Adding a dash of Canola Vegetable Oil in your sautéed, stir-fried veggies, and salads works wonders for your heart.

Stay away from Cancer

Consuming cheap and poor quality cooking oil is known to increase the risk of becoming a victim of bulky tumors. But when you consume Organic Canola Oil, this risk reduces drastically owing to the innumerable Canola Oil health benefits.

Keep Diabetes under Control

Diabetes is a common disease which has claimed many lives and ruined many others permanently. Keeping it in check is of the topmost priority not only for the diabetes patients but also for the family and loved ones as well. Canola Oil nutrition takes out the intake of bad and impure fats, thereby ensuring only the best quality food to the diabetes patients. Even if you’re not suffering from the disease, Canola oil nutrition makes sure you stay away from the risks.

Reduce Belly Fat

Yes you read that right! Organic Canola Oil can indeed help you in reducing excess belly fat. The way it controls bad cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure; Canola Vegetable oil makes sure that these risk factors associated with high belly fat are kept in check.

Keep Blood Pressure in Check

There are many canola oil health benefits but one that really stands out is its ability in reducing blood pressure. Specialised meta-analysis of Organic Canola Oil shows that the good fats and the DHA supplements found in the oil can help reduce blood pressure to a great extent. Hence, without compromising on taste, Canola vegetable oil provides you a healthier option for all your favourite dishes and cuisines.

Makes your Memory Stronger

Canola oil health benefits do not stop at keeping diseases under check. It goes above and beyond. It might be surprising for you but Organic Canola Oil is a great memory booster as well. Our brain cells are primarily made up of healthy fats wherein omega-3 fatty acids form a significant part. Canola oil is packed with considerable amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which help in making your memory stronger with every meal.

While there are numerous other Canola Oil health benefits, we believe we’ve given you enough reasons to switch to canola cooking oil right now. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a costly affair and neither does it have to be tasteless. Canola oil gives you the ideal alternative to your regular cooking oils with a lot more health benefits than you can imagine.

It’s time you take the right decision not only for yourself but for the well being of your family as well and add organic canola oil as a permanent cooking ingredient in your kitchen shelves.

Happy and Healthy Cooking!

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Canapure brings the finest organic canola oil directly from Canada to the world. Canapure Canola Oil is a heart-friendly culinary oil with high nutritional values and extremely low percentage of saturated fats which are a serious health hazard.