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Calgary acupuncture clinic By ted mark

  in Medical Business | Published 2014-02-05 14:33:43 | 147 Reads | Unrated


Does acupuncture hurt? Well, if you haven’t tried acutherapy of any kind in the past, you may assume it does. Don’t let this hold you back from pursuing this treatment

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Does acupuncture hurt? Well, if you haven’t tried acutherapy of any kind in the past, you may assume it does. Don’t let this hold you back from pursuing this treatment, especially with the wide availability of acupuncture clinics in Calgary. Practitioners of acupuncture in Calgary will assure you that acupuncture is, for the most part, pain free.

That being said, it is especially important to see a credited Calgary acupuncture clinic which is staffed by trained and certified specialists. When done by a professional, the patient should not feel much pain, if any at all. The needles may cause a dull and achy sensation upon insertion but will not be painful.

Trained acupuncturists in Calgary are capable of diagnosing your symptoms, and creating an acutherapy treatment plan which suits you and your unique health condition. Say for example you were recently in a car accident and are experiencing back and neck pain. A trained acutherapy physician will provide pain relief, but that’s not all. Supplementary herbs and auricular acupuncture may be used to complement your treatment. Chinese acutherapy has been around for thousands of years, and there is a reason for that – because it works.

But back to the question asked earlier: does acupuncture hurt? Other than a small and fleeting pinching sensation when needles are inserted, there is usually no other pain associated with acutherapy. It is important to see a credited acupuncturist in Calgary because they will know how to properly insert the needles, and will be better able to manage any discomfort experienced by his/ her patient during the acutherapy process. Credited acupuncture clinics in Calgary are well versed in with working with clients to alleviate all kinds of ailments, including pain relief, as well as other disorders. The truth is, if you are experiencing a symptom and want to know if acupuncture is an effective treatment, visit a Calgary acupuncture clinic to learn more.

For more details on professional acupuncture sessions, please consult the webpage acutherapy Calgary. Access the site Calgary acupuncturists for a detailed presentation of services available, type of disorders treated and other important information on traditional acutherapy.



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