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Can Weak People be Strong Leaders? By Simon Oates

  in Leadership | Published 2012-05-26 00:50:42 | 646 Reads | Unrated


Is a strong personality or physique necessary to be a strong leader Can someone deficient in many typical leadership traits actually generate a strong following

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Is a strong personality or physique necessary to be a strong leader? Can someone deficient in many typical leadership traits actually generate a strong following?

Well let’s think about the different types of leaders that currently exist, and analyse their traits to see whether power, courage, strength and confidence is actually essential to being a successful leader.

Military Leaders

I had to start with the most obvious - the military. With all personnel being required to pass an initial fitness test and a brutal training regime covering several
months, it's plain to see that leaders in within the military system are made of strong stuff. Also noteworthy is the fact that senior military leaders have a wealth of internal experience within the military, which means that these leaders must have thrived within the very authoritarian military atmosphere. I think for this segment, we'll have to conclude that only strong reach the top.

Political Leaders

Let’s take a look at the absolutely essential things a politician needs to be:

- Charismatic
- Intelligent
- Resistant to criticism

I believe the latter characteristic of politicians is very often overlooked. While it's hard to draw parallels with the men and women that leader our countries, I want you to try to do so for a moment. Can you remember the last time that someone directly and harshly criticised your work? The last time that someone said something intentionally nasty or sinister to you? How did it make you feel?

Well politicians live in an environment where such criticism and abuse is levelled at them on a daily basis. They take it so well that we often take for granted their extremely strong resistance to such hostility. And it's for this reason that the weak need not apply!

Business Leaders

When one thinks of 'leadership', it's likely that if they're not picturing a politician - they are imagining a business person. (Probably stood in a suit in front of their workforce to complete the imagery!).

Do all successful business leaders have to be strong? Well let’s just define a successful leader. A successful business leader is one who exerts effective stewardship over a company's assets, safeguarding it's future, driving growth and improving quality.

Successful business leaders that will be remembered for decades to come include Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Donald Trump (Trump) and Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway). All of these individuals are household names, and have either amassed great wealth, grown a company beyond belief, or have legendary status.

When it comes to physical strength, I don't believe I'd be unfair in saying none of these men will be running the next Olympics. However when it comes to making decisions, being ruthless, or taking wild gambles - these men are the experts. Each one of these individuals has made large gambles or sacrifices in order to ensure the success of their companies.


It seems that wherever you are - leaders naturally rise to the top of organisations through competence. For those leaders bred into top political positions or handed business legacies, their rich experience from an early age helps to form their leadership skills way beyond your average education. It seems that if you want to do anything by 'half' - you'll struggle to become a great leader.



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