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Certificate of Compliance in Sydney for Your Pool or Spa By Carol Donvito

  in Home Management | Published 2018-04-14 11:58:45 | 282 Reads | Unrated


As a responsible pool or spa owner, we recommend that you get in touch with an accredited certifier to inspect your pool enclosure and issue you with a certificate of compliance in Sydney, proving your enclosure is safe and compliant.

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Spa and Pool Certificate of Compliance with Sydney Policy - Enhanced Safety for Young Children

In 2013, the New South Wales Government analyzed and revised the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and introduced the new requirement for compulsory spas and pools registration. It was an attempt to minimize the risk of accidental drowning and injuries, especially in the backyard pool area. Statistics showed that the majority of swimming pool barriers failed to meet basic pool safety standards with the most common and easily fixed issue being the non closure of the pool ga

te.The NSW government wanted the states residential as well as commercial property owners to take pool safety seriously and ensure their swimming pool barriers are compliant. From 29 April 2016 all home owners looking to lease or sell their property in Sydney, any swimming pool or spa on the property must be inspected by an accredited certifier.  A valid pool Compliance Certificate in Sydney or Non-Compliance Certificate in Sydney must be issued before the NSW property is put on lease or marketed for sale. The issuance of a Certificate of compliance in Sydney is only possible after the swimming pool and/or spa undergoes a thorough inspection by any qualified accredited Certifier. The inspection of the gates, fences & pool area is done to confirm safety and compliance with standards and recognize any safety violation and advise how to rectify them.


The requirement for Pool Compliance Certificate in Sydney - Keep up Fun & Enjoyment


The changes in the NSW swimming pool act are made to improve the safety of young kids while enjoying swimming, playing or jumping in a backyard pool. They are meant to bring an end to easily avoidable drowning, accidents, and injuries.


This new legislation applies to above-ground, in-ground, portable and indoor pools as well as spa pools (which can be covered with a lockable lid or protected by a fence).  While taking a decision to install a swimming pool or buy a spa most of the local property owners think of all the fun and enjoyment for their family or guests – however, they need to make the Pool Safe. The best way is to organize an inspection of their pool barriers and obtain a certificate of compliance showing that the barriers are secure.


The State Government is free to perform spot inspections and issue fines to anyone found to have a non-compliance pool whether he/she carries a Non-Compliance Certificate or not. Any anonymous person can lodge a formal complaint about noncompliance of any spa or swimming pool around which can be promptly investigated.  So, for better peace of mind, the pool owners should keep vigilant in making sure that their spa or pool does comply with the latest safety standards.


If a mishap were to happen in their pool, and their barrier is found to be noncompliant, they could easily be sued and their home insurance coverage may not provide the cover you expected. So, they need to act fast in order to safeguard their family, guests, neighbours etc.


Whether it is their home, hotel, strata complex or tourist park, there are qualified Pool Certifiers nearby to offer advice and help them in every step of the inspection to obtain the Pool Compliance Certificate in Sydney. So they should consider calling a certifier without delay!



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