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Changes to come in Diabetes Treatment with introduction of Stem cells By Vaishnav Kumar

  in Society | Published 2017-09-21 05:46:03 | 316 Reads | Unrated


From the last several years, researchers have been searching for an effective Diabetes Treatment, so that it can be controlled and people can be provided with a better life.

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From the last several years, researchers have been searching for an effective Diabetes Treatment, so that it can be controlled and people can be provided with a better life. The key to finding this treatment is considered to be the understanding of methods in which human immune system destroys beta islet cells present in our pancreas. Medical advancements and new and improved Diabetes Treatment options have given a new hope to patients suffering from diabetes of both the type. The problem is that diabetes, especially type-1has complicated genetics, and seve

ral different genes contribute on a very small scale to develop diabetes in a person. Recent advancements in the field of stem cells have taken the medical world by storm, and it has opened up new avenues of examining diabetes of both types, including type 1.

Changing the life of diabetes patients

Life is pretty hard for diabetes patients specifically patients suffering from type 1 diabetes, as they have to take insulin shots on a regular basis. However, Stem Cell Therapy is expected to change the fate of diabetes patients. Until now, oral medicines or injections or both were administered to treat diabetes, but these can mostly control the symptoms instead of curing the condition itself. With stem cell research, scientists now expect to cure diabetes from the very root, but this can be possible, only when the root cause is fully known.

Research have shown how stem cells can grow in lab conditions, and with time Stem Cell Therapy has developed at a great pace. Now, researchers are studying the characteristics of induced pluripotent cells for Diabetes Treatment. They are not only working to find the ultimate cure for diabetes, but they are also studying Stem Cell Therapy using adipose tissues, which can help in managing complications associated with both types of diabetes. Cells derived from adipose tissues are expected to replace different cells in human body, including the cells that produce insulin.

Recent developments and how things have changed

Recent advancements in Stem Cell Therapy have also provided new ways of investigating type-1 diabetes. Stem Cell Therapy has now made reprogramming of skin cells possible. These cells can be transformed into cells resembling embryonic cells. These cells are known as induced pluripotent cells and they come with the capability of creating any type of cell. These cells being genetically matching makes it more effective for treating the condition. A number of non-human trials using such cells have shown promising results and human trials are awaited to prove their efficiency and feasibility.

Varied approaches of Stem Cell Therapy

Researchers are also working on the production of beta cells, which can sense glucose and can produce insulin. Tests using such cells have show positive results on both type-1 and type-2 diabetes. Some of the Stem Cell Therapy approaches that researchers use for Diabetes Treatment include changing pancreatic endocrine stem cells to beta cells, transforming other cell types of the pancreas to beta cells, reprogram induced pluripotent cells as well as differentiate them to make beta cells, and another approach is to induce beta cells to create more beta cells.

Recent findings

Some of the recent findings show that if diabetes, especially type-2 can be diagnosed at a very early stage, then replication rate of the beta cells can be increased. Regardless of the different approaches of Stem Cell Therapy, a lot is yet to be discovered about Diabetes Treatment, but the hope of finding the best treatment option with Stem Cell Therapy is still on. Many trials have already shown good results and very soon such therapies will be available for therapeutic application, to change the life of diabetes patients completely. Right now, finding better ways of translating cells is also a concern for the researchers.


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