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Six sigma has a world of its own. Those that manage to create their careers in this professional field invariably end up doing some fantastic work.

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Six sigma has a world of its own. Those that manage to create their careers in this professional field invariably end up doing some fantastic work. The money is good but more importantly it’s the satisfaction of the job that drives people toward this field of work. Check our website for everything related to six sigma and you are bound to be interested in this topic.

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Six sigma is a process improvement tool that was developed in 1981 by Motorola. Over the years Motorola has managed to implement six sigma in all its manufacturing ops processes. It was Jack Welch who made this concept famous when he adopted it for General Electric in 1995. After that it suddenly became a new toy for the management teams across organizations and everyone suddenly seemed to following six sigma processes. Now the situation has stabilized and there is much more targeted focus on this topic. To see what is happening in the six sigma world check our website.


Six sigma professionals are engaged in process excellence. In manufacturing for example, it’s all about processes. The better one runs their manufacturing processes the better and faster their products tend to come out of the assembly line or production unit. Less than a second saved in the manufacturing process can lead to huge growth in output and this in turn positively affects the bottom line of a manufacturing unit. Six sigma is also extensively used in the healthcare industry. Check this link to see what other possibilities are there by implementing six sigma as a process improvement tool.


To become a six sigma professional one needs to be certified. The ultimate aim of any six sigma professional is to get that black belt certification. Some employees are lucky enough to be nominated by their respective organizations to go through six sigma projects. But a larger number of professionals undertakes their six sigma projects on individual basis. There are professional organizations that can train and certify someone to become six sigma black belt certified. To know the details about such organizations and their courses check our website.


There are different ways one can go through six sigma certification. There are onsite programs that are generally sponsored by organizations. One could also go through online courses as per their organization’s mandate or on an individual basis. It is also possible to go through a blended course of online and contact programs. Check this link to know about these different types of programs available for you.


Check our website and you will know everything that you need to know about six sigma. The possibilities for six sigma certified professionals are immense. Check this link to see what certification you can go through and what job opportunities lie in store for you. You will be thrilled to see that you can totally shape your career with six sigma.

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