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China's Three Contributions to the World Expo By Lanbo Jiang

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Bid two years, eight preparations, a century dreams Shanghai World Expo will be officially kicked off the global attention

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Bid two years, eight preparations, a century dreams. Shanghai World Expo will be officially kicked off the global attention. As the Beijing Olympics two years ago, Shanghai Expo new high, once again rewritten and updated history of the World Expo. There is no dispute that the Shanghai World Expo will become the largest and most exciting ever World Expo, and for the world economy brings new confidence, new opportunities and new vitality. Shanghai Why? China, Why? What do we contribute to the Expo, what? I think that China's World Expo will have the unique contribution of the three can not be re

Contribution to the One: Harmonious Culture.

This is the Shanghai World Expo will be the largest contribution. When the occurrence of endless conflict and disaster, when the poverty and discrimination everywhere, when the energy and the environment and endanger the survival of everyone's interests, when the world is becoming increasingly irrational to "abnormal", peace and development, the harmonious and sustainable, as the world demands. China since ancient times by the pioneering of the "Imitation of Nature", "Heaven," "precious" and "of charity, social commitment," "inclusive", "tolerance is a virtue", "lost her way , not impose on others "and of human philosophy and values, and practice in China today, and advocated a" harmonious society "and" scientific development ", it is the world's most valuable and most needed spiritual nourishment and source of development."Harmony is precious, but different" in the spirit of harmony is an important heritage of Chinese traditional culture. People and, with the family and the family, countries and people and days, harmony has always been to pursue the values of the Chinese nation. A word "and" is the fundamental concept of Chinese culture starting point, represents the essence of Chinese culture, the trend of global economic integration, "and" the meaning of the word is particularly important.

Where is the future of mankind? What is the ultimate happiness of mankind? How to promote the comprehensive development? The opening of the Shanghai World Expo visitors saw the "world and" the main background, the opening of all performances of "harmony Carol" overture, the curtain rose Jiugong China Pavilion layout to display the "Chinese wisdom in urban development" and "learning Modern Pursuit of Nature, "represents just the value of China in the world declaration and proposition.When Taiwan after a lapse of 40 years to return to the Expo, while some have been known to the world for many years must meet national and international organizations Expo Expo family reunification, when two dozen have not yet established formal diplomatic relations with China's national participation in the Shanghai World Expo, when a number of national and international For the first time on stage appearance at the World Expo, the Expo for their input not only fresh blood and festive atmosphere, it is a great witness to the harmonious development of the world.This is the club brought the Shanghai World Expo, which we are looking for.

Contribution 2: City theme.

When the city of the same as the rolling forward of globalization can not be stopped, when the "urban disease" spreading like a plague around the world, where the future of mankind? City, how to make life more beautiful? How to live a low carbon living? This is facing the world today one of the most important development issues.Shanghai World Expo will be an extraordinary height, intelligence and forward looking, the first time, "city" as the theme to reflect on the history of urban development, urban development, exchange of practice and experience, let the Chinese intelligence and global intelligence on the same theme, the exchange integration, has created world wide sympathy and active participation.

As President of the International Exhibitions Bureau blue peak in the opening speech said that this theme "Better City, Better Life" choice, indicating that much of the world's population will live into the city. The coming decades, urban population will increase by nearly 30 million, which will enable us to enhance the developing and developed countries, the living conditions of urban residents, who are facing pollution, poverty, insecurity and other social gaps and troubled. The Expo will encourage people to raise awareness of efforts to build more sustainable, more just, more secure, more harmonious city. Through national pavilions at the Expo and the first established in the cities and regions in the world of mutual learning and dialogue for the content of the Urban Best Practice Area, China will World Expo into a worldwide event.

Wang, director of Shanghai World Expo will be even more clear cut that "the city, let China better," the first time the city of Shanghai World Expo theme is peoples innovation, cooperation, communication platform, it will open the door to the next city to lead the new way of life, promote harmony between man and urban nature, promote the building of "safe, civilized and happy," the city, promote the comprehensive development.It can be said for the first time to cities of Shanghai World Expo, is to heal the world "urban disease" find "Western prescriptions." Through the Shanghai World Expo, it will experience a different city of the future shape the future of the world for the development of a new point: low carbon world, beautiful cities, sustainable development of civilization, a natural harmony of the planet and human . All this has been a steady pursuit of the Chinese people, but also the common desire around the world.Contributions to three: the confidence of the world.

Confidence is more important than gold.

Over the past three decades, China's reform and opening up the world to open up the world's most populous country, the first opportunity for the development of the door to large country, China became the world's manufacturing center, as the world's "gold rush" destination, as multinational companies to achieve growth target of assurance. In particular, the financial crisis, China has become the world's economic stabilizer, booster, and save the pill.Now, this historic mission, again as the fulcrum of the Shanghai World Expo, leveraging global.Shanghai World Expo, which attracted 246 participating countries and international organizations actually created the World Expo history, the most. This figure alone is enough to make "Expo is going down" like the sound of speech information. Some disappeared for many years or never boarded the Expo stage debut of national and international organizations, to be enveloped by the Internet World Expo will bring confidence, luck and endless possibilities.Like with the Olympics, not the 1.3 billion Chinese people at home to participate, the Expo will always be incomplete. Shanghai World Expo to create dozens of clubs, "the Expo the most", not only to the World Expo, also gave the world the confidence and the best gifts.

These, perhaps only the Chinese can do it.

United States, "World News" editorial on the good, the world as long as an opportunity for China, the Chinese give the world a total surprise.Expo began in the western developed countries, the first strides of the move towards developing countries, this Expo has a long history on the milestone, but also a new starting point for the future World Expo a landmark event. When the world population and natural resources of developing countries over 60% of the Expo is no longer marginalized, they release the enthusiasm, energy and confidence, enough to surprise and shock.

Philippines "Handelsblatt" comment just right: Shanghai World Expo in the world economy from the financial crisis against a backdrop of slow recovery, will undoubtedly bring the world the opportunity and vitality. China in the global economy's outstanding performance during the financial crisis, countries have been praised. The participating countries hope that the Shanghai World Expo will become the world's slow economic recovery in an inotropic sentiment, confidence and courage to provide an opportunity to revive.True. President Hu Jintao said that China Shanghai World Expo is the opportunity, more opportunity for the world. From the Beijing Olympics global financial crisis, the World Expo in Shanghai when the global economic recovery, China has witnessed the process, but also brought global responsibilities and confidence.



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