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China in Core Interests and Common Interests of Choice By Paul Hu

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In the external relations of a country to pursue their national interests, the norm of international relations, foreign no exceptions Deng Xiaoping once said that in dealing with mutual relations, as both China and the U

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In the external relations of a country to pursue their national interests, the norm of international relations, foreign no exceptions. Deng Xiaoping once said that in dealing with mutual relations, as both China and the U.S. "to their own national interests as the supreme criterion." Regarding the importance, the gap between national interests, which define the most important national interests, is a country in foreign policy prioritization of the necessary. Once the most important U.S. national interests as vital interests. The development of the core interests of China in recent years the co
ncept. It should be said, the two are merely different, point of all of their most important interests.

What are the benefits that can be classified as a country's core interests? In 1999, the U.S. Foreign Relations Committee convened 100 leading scholars, trying to define U.S. national interests. For the core U.S. national interests, the only consensus reached by all scholars are: to defend the territorial integrity of the United States, including preventing the use of force against U.S. territory. Commission's report concluded that the vital interests of the United States should be those "in order to preserve and promote freedom and security of Americans in a country where the survival and well-being strictly necessary conditions." Specifically, it includes five elements: 1. To prevent, deter and reduce nuclear chemical and biological weapons against the United States and its overseas military threat of attack; 2. To ensure the survival of U.S. allies to ensure the active cooperation of allies and the United States to jointly build on each other favorable international system; 3. to prevent hostile powers rise, to prevent the United States around the emergence of failed states; 4. to ensure that major global systems (trade, financial markets, energy supply and environment) the energy and stability; 5. in line with U.S. national interests premise, and the potential strategic rivals like China, Russia to build a constructive relationship. Report and that the United States the primary means of achieving these benefits is the single leading U.S. military and intelligence capabilities to enhance and the U.S. alliance system.

China is fast becoming the occasion of a global power, combined with the above definition of the Americans, and Chinese scholars, the discussion on the core interests, I believe that China's core interest is to satisfy people's survival and development of China and its essential and most important conditions, it should include: safeguarding China's sovereignty and the basic system; maintenance of territorial integrity and national security, to achieve the ultimate reunification of the State; promote the establishment of open and fair international economic environment to ensure China's sustainable development; promote the establishment of peace in the surrounding environment to prevent appear hostile military alliance system; with neighboring countries, developing countries and major powers to build a constructive relationship of cooperation to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation and jointly cope with international challenges.

Further, in the definition of China's core interests, we need to focus on the following five aspects. First, China's core interests to abandon the hegemonic thinking, but to have a global perspective, that is to include those necessary for survival and development of China's international and global conditions, such as open and fair international economic order, regional peace and stability.

Second, China's core interests, of course have individual interests, but more to emphasize common interests. In an era of globalization and interdependence, it is always the individual interests of national interests and the common interests of unity. The individual interests of a country on the whole, exclusive, not shared with other countries, such as the country's territorial integrity, sovereignty and security interests. The common interests of one country are shared, not only help their own, but also conducive to other countries, rely on international cooperation and its implementation, such as the country's development interests.

Third, a country's individual interests and common interests of the existing cross symbiosis. The individual interests of one country may nurture common interests of the ingredients, such as shared sovereignty, there will be the case: national trade policy decision-making power under the rules of the World Trade Organization and its wide range of constraints; Another example is the national security of all countries not only need strong armed forces to defend, but also a growing need to achieve international cooperation, the promotion of cooperative security in China, relatively safe, unlike the United States during the Bush administration as to the pursuit of absolute security. Meanwhile, the common interests of a country also includes competing individual interests. When talking about China's development interests, State Councilor Dai also stressed the commonality of development and autonomy. The former demand that China adhere to its own national interests consistent with the common interests of mankind, in their own development efforts to achieve common development with other countries; the latter requires the development of the point and focus on domestic, mainly by the reform and opening up, on their own the wisdom and hard work, by expanding domestic demand, promote economic development by way of change seek their own development.

Fourth, the core national interests depend on the maintenance and promotion of the necessary military force, but China is not the same as the U.S. military's role in the generalization, but should clear the use of military means and use of, and primarily through non-military means the pursuit of their goals. China's military commitment to the basic system of the protection of national sovereignty and security interests of the task. To defend Hong Kong, Macao and other parts of China's land territory, airspace and the surrounding territorial waters and prevent "Taiwan independence" and foreign forces interfere in Taiwan, China must be prepared to use all means, including military force as a last resort. In addition, China's military power is still within the framework of the United Nations is playing an increasingly important role in the maintenance of international peace. Therefore, to achieve milestones in the modernization of the economy today, to speed up the process of China's military modernization is necessary. At the same time, in the areas of common interest, China should strengthen the use of peaceful means to deal with his powers. For those who claim China's sovereignty but acknowledged the existence of territorial disputes in the region, such as the Diaoyu Islands and the Spratly Islands and other places, where China's sovereignty ought to maintain China's core interests, but taking into account the reality of disputes, China should stick to the basic policy of the past: popular sovereignty I, putting aside disputes and jointly develop and seek by peaceful means and creative ideas to claim their rights and resolve disputes.

Fifth, the core interests that may exist between some of the inherent contradictions, need to develop a core national interests to achieve the overall strategy for the various core interests can conflict with each other without the support of the realization. Since China's reform and opening up diplomatic practice guidance strategy of peaceful development has succeeded in doing this, the strategy should guide our current and future foreign policy.

In short, when countries in the world in the pursuit of their own national interests, we need to define and advocate that China's core interests in the world. Only joined the core interests of the exposition, we can make the ideal vision of a harmonious world a little more realism to more truly reflect the aspirations of China, but also allows countries to better understand China's intentions. Meanwhile, extending the definition of our core interests and the scope of common interests to join the part, and clearly describes the core interests of China to achieve the means and methods can give the recent debate on foreign policy practices and less realistic, more strategic assurance to enhance mutual trust among countries, that China, the world's second largest economy really enjoy the international influence commensurate with this status and image.



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