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Choose Tummy Tuck Surgery to Get a Perfect Abdomen Shape By Pankaj Singhal

  in Wellness, Fitness and Diet | Published 2015-01-06 01:10:54 | 121 Reads | Unrated


Tuck surgery is done to improve the abdomen area by removing loose, excess skin &fat and then tightening muscles in the abdominal wall. You can visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai for tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai.

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Tummy Tuck surgery which is also known as abdominoplasty is done to flatten abdomen area by removing excess, loose fat & skin and then tightening muscles around the abdominal wall. In some cases, this cosmetic surgery can also removed the stretch marks in the lower abdomen area.


Tummy Tuck surgery is quite popular following pregnancy or if massive weight loss is needed or weak abdomen muscles that impairs body contour are reshaped. Majority of women who underwent tummy tuck in Mumbai reported improved self-esteem after this procedure.


You can choose a Tummy Tuck in following situations: 

  • If you have stretch marks, extra flab or excess/loose skin in or around abdomen area which doesn’t go away by dieting or exercise.
  • If your abdomen shape has been affected by massive weight loss or pregnancy.
  • If you want to improve the looks of your unattractive protruding abdomen.
  • If the stomach contour is diminishing your self-confidence.


Pros of tummy tuck in Mumbai                             

  • This cosmetic surgery will restore your flat tummy.
  • You will get an attractive & youthful-looking body.
  • You will look better in swimwear and clothes than before.


Cons of tummy tuck procedure                                                

There are only a few cons or negative aspects related to this cosmetic surgery. To get the best results for a Tummy Tuck surgery in Mumbai, you should visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.

  • There’s a chance that you will have a scar located near the bikini area
  • The results might be influenced if you get pregnant after surgery has been done
  • Surgery results will be affected negatively if you gain weight after abdominoplasty.


How to determine whether tummy tuck surgery is right for you?                   

Tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai is an ideal way to reduce the unnecessary fat from your abdomen area. Most of the times, people fail to generate success from dieting and exercising. Here, tummy tuck in Mumbai can deliver excellent results. You can undergo Tummy Tuck surgery in Mumbai, if:

  • Pregnancy, heredity, aging, or weight fluctuations have resulted in giving extra skin on your abdomen, or abdominal muscle weakness.
  • Smoking can cause adverse affects on the results of the surgery. Therefore, you need to quit smoking six months before and after the tummy tuck surgery is done
  • If you have completed your family. After you finish having children because pregnancy can separate the muscles that are repaired during the tummy tuck surgery.



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