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Civil Law in Thailand By Thailand Lawyers

  in Legal | Published 2017-10-11 10:55:04 | 325 Reads | Unrated


Civil law may refer to the area of law that deals with finding peaceful resolutions to disputes that are not ...

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Civil law may refer to the area of law that deals with finding peaceful resolutions to disputes that are not criminal. In this context, the Civil law covers quite a lot of areas. Civil law, for example, covers issues like divorce, or child custody, child support and so on and so forth. When an individual is determined to be incapable of making sound decisions for his own well being, then rights of custody are passed to someone who can be responsible for helping them to make those sound decisions. There are many different types o

f custody. In most cases, the standards of custody are determined by a court of law. If a person is awarded primary custody, which is mostly obtainable in the case of a child, he or she is the primary caregiver and is responsible for the welfare and well being of the person. The area of law that covers who gets custody rights and support rights is known as civil law.

It also covers disagreement in businesses like contract dispute and so on and so forth. It may also cover issues of damages done by an individual to a business, a property or to another person. Civil laws vary from state to state and are basically designed so as to provide a peaceful resolution to disputes and disagreements so as to maintain peace and order. Most civil law courts will resolve disputes between people and/or entities to either comply to pay a particular amount of money or perform a certain obligation or not being allowed to perform in a certain manner or capacity. Civil law is mostly based on statutes or rulings made by the judge. In some cases, both are employed, mainly depending on the jurisdiction of the case.

So if you happen to be in Thailand and you need the services of a civil lawyer, Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates is the right legal chamber that should represent you. We are unarguably the best Law Firm in Bangkok, Thailand and we offer only the best legal service to our clients. We have a team of legal experts and professionals who are dedicated to providing only the best legal services to our many clients.

Our attorneys are very experienced in almost all areas of law and are very committed to making sure that our clients get the favourable ruling in court. We are a very experienced law firm with track records of exceptional services in civil law as well as other areas of law and legal services. You can be assured of getting the best representation when you work hand in hand with our law firm. We have investigators, associate lawyers, barristers, a royal police Lt. Colonel, a retired criminal court appeal and appeal court judge and other legal professionals that are committed to making sure that you get the best legal representation and consultancy. So, if you need formidable and well-respected attorneys that are recognized for excellence and top-notch legal representation in Thailand, talk to us. Our Thailand Lawyers are well versed in the laws of the land and will make sure that their experience and intelligence area strategically used to ensure that you get only the best legal services.



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